Smee started his career as a smuggler. He slowly became known for an uncanny knack of finding items that were otherwise impossible to find. This is what brought Smee into contact with Solomon in the hope that the odd little man could help find the Ring of Wishes. When Smee joined Solomon’s crew, he was assigned to manage and organize the Sea Dogs. Although Smee puts on an act that he is clumsy and awkward, he is a cruel and wicked man, happliy carrying out orders for the Captain. Smee is a man who loves violence. He has made the Sea Dogs into a group of ruthless soldiers.

Smee plotted his mutiny carefully, biding his time until he could betray Solomon once and for all. After all, Smee has known the location of the Ring of Wishes for quite some time. The odd little man plans to take the Ring for himself, wishing for an item that will allow him to become god-like. With such a device in his possession, he will set himself up as the Hurricane King, master of pirates.

Smee entered into an agreement with Vanthus Vanderboren shortly after the Lucille arrived in Calimport. With the help of Vanthus’s criminal organization known as The Lotus Flowers, Smee directed Solomon to the Isle of Dread. When the Lucille set sail, the trap was set. However, Smee’s only difficulty was the hiring on of several mercenaries by Solomon to act as a Deck Crew. Smee would have to figure out how to bring them into his plan of mutiny, or eliminate them before coming to the island.

Vanthus gave Smee as the resources needed to carry out his plans. Smee believes that Solomon is dead, and his plan is in full swing. He is helping Vanthus to deal with the Crimson Fleet, a band of Fire Giant pirates from Ironslag flying the flag of Duke Zalto. Once the deal is complete, Smee will be paid with enough trade bars to retire comfortably to Waterdeep and begin to set himself up as the Hurrican King.




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