“Fate leads the willing and drags along the unwilling.” — Seneca

In Session two, the playing characters spent their time moving throughout Port Nyanzaru visiting several people who are interested in the presence of Syndra Silvane’s new expedition party. Since their arrival in the city, several people have taken interest in them. Lindsey clued them in unwittingly, asking questions about them on the first day of their arrival to the Thundering Lizard. Obviously, the party was the focus on the conversation within earshot of the young girl, and as they have discovered, the Thundering Lizard is a meeting place for the local Faction representatives and the Merchant Princes. It is possible that Lindsey overheard discussions about the party prior to their arrival.

Camp Vengeance


Loral arrived on the Lucille with the others but immediately traveled to Camp Vengeance to meet with members of the Order of the Gauntlet. In doing this, he missed the first meeting with Syndra Silvane. Loral traveled down the River Soshenstar by boat, arriving midday. He discovered that the camp was an obviously hastily built fortification on the river’s edge. The camp features a landing area (1) with canoes, (2) a gatehouse, (3) watchtowers, (4) an animal pen with four goats, (5) hospital tents for the wounded and sick, (6) a command tent, (7) soldier tents, and (8) latrines. The camp is surrounded by a dry moat fortified with sharpened sticks. Scattered around the exterior of the camp are piles of charred human corpses and flayed animal carcasses swarming with flies. The camp is led by Commander Niles Breakbone and presently is manned by 58 soldiers. The camp is in bad shape. Many of the soldiers are sick or wounded. The commander is a good man, but he is desperate and frustrated. He is under orders to hold Camp Vengeance by any means necessary.



Zhanti is the owner of the Thundering Lizard. She is one of the city’s Merchant Princes. She is concerned with the same pirates who wished to meet with Arlan for parley and believes that they may be planning something “big” to attack the harbor. She believes that one of the other Merchant Princes may be working with the Pirates for nefarious purposes. Zhanthi encourages the party to begin their expedition for Syndra Silvane as soon as possible, explaining the Castle seems to come and go throughout the Planes with cycles of the moon. She believes that the Castle may be gone within 72 hours.

A Parley with the Pirates


Port Nyanzaru has been plagued by pirates since its founding. The pirates usually operate out of Jahaka Anchorage. Three of the pirate captains contacted Arlan to discuss business under a parley. They are asking that Arlan and his friends “look the other way” if anything out of the ordinary should happen at the docks or the harbormaster’s office.

The Temple of Savras


Grandfather Zitembe is the head priest of the Temple. He informed the playing characters that the Zhentarim are running a protection racket in Merchant’s Ward and likely throughout the city. He explained that the merchant princes of Port Nyanzaru hire Zhentarim guards to defend the city walls along with the Flaming Fist soldiers provided by Baulder’s Gate. In recent days, it is difficult to tell the Black Network agents from the Flaming Fist soldiers. It appears that the Lord’s Alliance and Zhentarim are brothers-in-arms within Port Nyanzaru. One of Grandfather Zitembe’s acolytes was assaulted by Zhent soldiers who demanded that the priests cast spells to learn more about a device called “The Soulmonger.” Grandfather Zitembe wanted to speak to the party because he had a dream (vision) recently about them. In the dream, he saw them lying dead or defeated around “a large black obelisk draped in vines.” He also touched Arlan, causing the man to have a vision of the future. Arlan saw the party at the lighthouse, surrounded by thick green smoke, being ripped to shreds one by one by three different dragons, two black and one red.

Wakanga O’ Tamu


Wakanga O’ tamu is the only arcane spellcaster among the Merchant Princes. He claims Syndra Silvane as a long time friend. He claims that the woman is affected by the withering disease that people are calling “The Death Curse.” He claims that only a week ago, Syndra was a young, beautiful woman. Now she is a withered old woman. She is dying a slow, agonizing death and is desperate to find any cure or information about the Death Curse. He tells the party that she has already sent other expedition parties to their doom, although during the discussion he says it was three one time and four another. Either way, he explains to the party that he wants them to not give his friend Syndra any other cause for false hope. He requests that they contact her and reject her mission to Castle Adikos. In exchange, he will give them funding for exploration within the Jungles of Chult. He will give funding for expenses, manpower, and two magic items to each member of the party. Wakanga suggests that many groups of explorers and adventurers have gone into the jungle to explore ancient ruins and old tombs. Perhaps they could do the same. All he asks is that they do not go to Castle Adikos. He explains that the legends of the Castle say that it moves throughout the planes with cycles of the moon. He believes that the Castle will be gone in 72 hours, and Syndra will not be able to continue trying to plunder it for information or artifacts.

Gaidon and Narella Pramas


This couple maintains the Lighthouse in Port Nyanzaru. A flame burns atop the lighthouse day and night to guide ships through the darkness, fog, and rain to the harbor. Various powders can be added to the fire to create thick columns of colored smoke that can be seen from Fort Beluarian and from the mines along the Bay of Chult. Usually, the smoke billows out in a purple color, but in times of danger, the color is changed to green. Although Gaidon and Narella rarely leave the lighthouse, they do entertain guests from time to time.

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