D&D Splat Transparent


Leilith del’Orn tells her tale to the heroes as they settle down for a rest.

“I am a Harper agent, working with the Emerald Enclave. About a month ago, you employer, Syndra Silvane, contacted my superiors in Silverymoon, seeking help in gathering information about a magical disease called “The Death Curse.” Our organization was already aware of the disease, but all we knew was that it was widespread and afflicted only those who had ever been magically returned from the dead. Our network of spies looked everywhere for information, finally finding it is the unlikeliest of places: Maccath The Crimson, a tiefling working with the Arcane Brotherhood. She told us to seek out a floating citadel called Castle Adikos. She explained that the answers lay within the castle.”

“I tell you this only because I feel that you all are trustworthy. I do not believe that this castle holds a device that can cure the Death Curse. My superiors believe that this castle is still inhabited by the Mad King, Pesheour, who is now a lich. We all know that the castle was a Vault, holding the most precious artifacts of all the gods. This is where magical items like The Eye of Vecna were stored before they were unleashed upon our world. But we believe that this Death Curse is being caused by a newly introduced artifact, possibly recently recovered from Castle Adikos.”

Pesheour and his faithful are undead creatures in service to the Raven Queen now. However, they are not evil. They simply follow the code of the goddess of death. The answers will not come easily, but if you can convince Pesheour to tell you what foul artifact has been causing the Death Curse, we will be one step closer to solving this mystery and saving those who we love.”

The druid nods that the door with the red glow behind it. “The answers lay behind that door.”


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