I wanted to make some inexpensive scatter terrain for when we play through the next part of Tomb of Annihilation, so I bought a package of Quantumchaos Media‘s Palm Tree Picks Cake & Cupcake Toppers from Amazon. I decided to buy these particular trees because of the price. I wasn’t going for realism with them. I also grabbed some Craftwood wooden circles and wheels from the local Pat Catan’s craft store, and sat down to get started.



The toppers have wide bottoms that I found would not fit into the wooden wheels that I bought. Therefore, I had to snip the flat ends off of the trees. No big deal.



I sorted out the Craftwood wooden pieces and then glued them together using some Elmer’s School Glue. The larger wooden circle will serve as a base for stability. The wheel is simply being used as the base of the tree allowing the hole to hold the cup cake topper in place.



With all the bases glued, I allowed them to dry for a little awhile before starting the painting phase.



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