If you missed Step #1, you can find it here. I am making some inexpensive scatter terrain to be used when we sit down to play the next part of  Tomb of Annihilation. I decided to make some jungle trees, and I’m sharing the process here on the blog.


So with all the bases glued together and dry, it was time to line them up and start painting.


I decided to use Liquitex Basics Acrylic Color “Raw Umber” for the base color. Why? Well, the reasons aren’t that strategic. First of all, the tube is getting old and I want to use up the paint. I bought is awhile ago at a craft store that was clearing all of their Liquitex paint from stock. Secondly, it is a dark color and great for a base. And thirdly, it has a higher viscosity than many of my other paints so it’s nice to use when painting a material like wood.



I slapped the paint to the bases, making sure the coverage was good. The wood will suck up some of the paint so you might have to do a second coat. Make sure to go back after the bases are dry to paint the sides. I didn’t worry about painting the bottoms of the bases, but if you want to do so … go for it.



Although the Raw Umber is only a base coat, I like the muddy look to it.



While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to mix up some homemade flock. There is all kinds of flock available on the market right now made of all kinds of cool materials. However, I like to just make my own from upcycled materials. So my flock is made of two parts: coffee grounds and cilantro leaves. I like the earthy smell that the terrain has when I use these kinds of materials. I only tend to use homemade flock on terrain, using the “fancy” store-bought flock on my miniatures.



Using a star wars spoon, I pierced the Maxwell House MAX K-cup and scooped out the coffee grounds. I allowed the grounds to dry for about an hour before mixing in the cilantro leaves.  You don’t have to use a Star Wars spoon for this step, but you should. 🙂



Afterwards, I mixed the materials together in a spare plastic dish. I chose one that my wife won’t miss for the time being. Wives can be weird about their kitchen wares being used for important things like terrain making. Go figure. 😉



Now my flock is ready to rock.



The next step is to highlight the bases and apply the flocking materials.




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