Hooked Armor

This leather armor is festooned with multiple hooks and cleats. These gripping protrusions grant the wearer a +5 bonus on Dex checks when climbing. This armor grants a +3 armor bonus to AC. Max Dex Bonus is +4.

Mechanus Gear Armor

This heavy armor is composed of multiple
gears, cogs, plates, and other metal mechanical contraptions.
It grants an armor bonus superior to all other armors,
but it reduces the wearer’s speed more than other types of
heavy armor do. Armor Bonus is +8 and Max Dex bonus is +0.

Sectioned Armor

The owner of this specially constructed
masterwork full plate can remove several of the
large plate sections from it, reducing it to medium or
light armor, so that he or she can sleep more comfortably
or move more freely while retaining some of the armor’s
defensive bonus. AC bonus is +8 and max Dex bonus is +0.




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