As a gamer, I am always on the lookout for wacky toys that make interesting and fun additions to my miniatures collection.


Today:  NINJAS!


In the AD&D game, the ninja is a highly
trained spy who is expert in matters of intrusion,
sabotage, and elimination. He is part of
a tight-knit clan whose profession and goals
he shares. Some ninja are generalists, equally
at home in matters of stealth and combat.
Some are specialists, becoming adept at social
skills, magic, or interaction with nature.


I recently came across these nifty ninja miniatures at the DuBois, PA Pat Catan’s craft store. They were $1.00 for 18 Ninjas in the party favor section. The bag features plastic red and black ninjas in various poses. The miniatures are a little big for 28mm games, but that’s okay because thet are WACKY MINIATURES. Remember, Gary Gygax first created his Dungeons & Dragons monsters using plastic toys bought at his local corner grocery store.






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