Tales of England Session #2


(Summary by GM Jon)

Princess Margaret, Sir Cerv, Earl Richard of Dorcet, Master Quan emissary of Kublai Khan, and his holiness Silas of the Inquisition prepared to depart to Orkney island to the Court of the Duke of Orkney. As the party prepared to depart Princess Margaret received a suspicious package delivered by Timothy the servant. Princess Margaret was suspicious of the package and Silas of the Inquisition detained Timothy the servant concerning the contents of the package, a doll. As the heroes pressed Timothy the Servant he exploded. As Princess Margaret’s attendants were incapacitated the doll became animate, burnt and mangled from the explosion fled the interrogation and attacked Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret deftly avoided the attack and the doll fled. After the party regrouped they met in secret and concocted a ruse such that Princess Margaret was publicly announced to be on the first ship departing to Orkney and rumors that the Princess Margaret was really on the second ship. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward boarded the first ship to reinforce the ruse. Meanwhile Princess Margaret and her attendants took an overland route from Oslo to Bergen and secured passage on a ship that was departing to London. The Princess’s attendants revealed to the Captain that the Princess Margaret was onboard. The Captain adjusted course to Orkney. The party encounter a large squid creature and there was a tense interaction as they tried to communicate. In an effort to communicate the party offered a prisoner awaiting judgment for piracy who Silas determined to be chaotic evil, the pirate protested briefly as tentacle drug him over board. Minutes after the pirates corpse animated as a zombie was placed back on board. The zombie attempted to communicate with the party to no avail. The squid creature placed a mermaid on the deck of the ship and the party continued to Orkney to arrive at the court of the Duke. The Duke was able to communicate with the mermaid and it was revealed that the squid creature wanted to open diplomatic relations with the land dwellers. The Duke met with the squid creature in the harbor and hashed out a few details. Issues still to be determined included the timing of marriage and coronation of Princess Margaret.


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