Tales of England, Session #3



Silas the English Chaplain, Sir Richard of Dorcet, and Prince Andrew made plans for the Wedding between Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew and Princess Margaret’s Coronation. While planning a Templar Ship arrived at Orkney with none other than Grand Master Jaques de Molay. Sir Molay asked the assistance of the Duke of Orkney in resettling some non-christian refugees he had rescued from Islamic persecution in after the fall of Acre. None of the other christian kingdoms would grant the refugees asylum. The Duke of Orkney was gracious in granting assistance and delegated the matter to Chaplain Silas, The Earl of Dorcet, and Prince Andrew. Prince Andrew, Silas, and Richard determined met with the refugees and counted them 36 in number with a female high Priestess leading them. While many did convert to Christianity through the ministry of Silas the high Priestess and ten other refugees would not convert. Prince Andrew arranged for the remaining refugees to be settled in Shetland or the Faroe islands. The refugees agreed to a tour the potential settlements. Prince Andrew, Earl Richard, and Chaplain Silas arranged for a trial for the High Priestess at sea as it had become know through her own word that she was a practitioner of black magic practicing child sacrifice. As Prince Andrew approached the High Priestess while at sea he found her performing rights over the sea stand perilously close to the edge of the deck. Having heard of her proposed trial the High Priestess reacted with hostility and attempted to cast a spell. Prince Andrew through a lemon in her mouth and in her shock she fell overboard. Another cultist who had voiced hostile feeling toward the Priestess was summoned to the scene and the cultist requested a sheep with which to perform a blood sacrifice to deal with the High Priestess once and for all. As the cultist attempted to perform the rite on the edge of the deck he too fell to the waters. The High Priestess and the Cultist attacked once another and the party’s ship sailed on. Several refugees converted to Christianity after witness the demise of their Priestess to such foolish behavior and settled in Shetland. The heroes escorted the remaining three refugees who were also know to subscribe to child sacrifice and black magic to the Faroe islands. Luckily Silas was able to obtain signed official documents authorizing the deaths of persons to be named after beating the Court Chaplain of Orkney in a game of darts. The governor of the Faroes insisted on having the signed death warrants before he would accept the refugees for settlement. The heroes later obtained written authorizations for the various settling of refugees in the Shetlands; no settlement documents were required for the Faroe Islands.




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