Mordecai, Silas, Sir Cerv, and the Earl of Dorcet made were called upon to investigate harassment of Norwegian ships off the coast of Orkney. Ships flying French colors were detaining Norwegian ships on the pretense of looking for a fugitive criminal disguised as a little girl. The heroes investigated by sailing south and were detained by Francois the Frenchman who informed the heroes he was looking for a little girl who was actually a fugitive criminal. With quick thinking skills Mordecain ran around the deck of the ship pretending to be a little girl but the Francois seemed strangely relieved when Mordecai proved not to actually be a little girl. The heroes received word that the Earl of Moray had told the Pope that he was sent to the Vatican to protest the arranged marriage between Princess Margaret and Prince Andrew. Silas sorted this out with the Pope. After Prince Andrew and Princess Margaret finished some preliminary wedding planning the heroes decided that the Princess Margaret should be moved to Edinburgh and the spy master of the Duke of Orkney assisted with creating a diversion with rumors of a ship transporting Princess Margaret while the ship which actually transported Princess Margaret took a more circuitous route initially feinting as if to go to Norway. After the heroes arrived in Edinburgh the animate doll reappeared and Mordecai foiled an attempt on Princess Margaret’s life by throwing an acid bomb at the doll.


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