“When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout.”
― Herman Wouk

The Black Keep


Vree’ree Everhurden, Arlan Strangeways, Tessa, Verner the Gnome, and Cervaa Shankledorn all continued to speak to Pesheour about the Death Curse. When they attempted to leave, Pesheour changed his mind. His chaotic nature made him think that allowing the heroes to leave might be detrimental to him. Before long, combat ensued. After the heroes traded many shots with the lich, they decided to try reasoning with him again. They were able to convince Pesheour to let them leave, and they departed as soon as possible before the lich changed his mind again.

Defending the Treasure

 Loral Mezzaleereryie decided to remain near the treasury to defend it from any who might come after it. His particular concern was Wakanga O’tamu who was supposedly mounting an expedition to Castle Adikos for Syndra Silvane. It was not long before Hobgoblin soldiers wearing the uniform of the Zhentarim arrived on the scene. Loral flew into action, attacking the soldiers mercilessly. As he cut them down, he could see more Hobgoblin soldiers pouring in from the level above. He could hear Wakanga’s voice directing them, giving orders to kill whatever or whoever was attacking them. It wasn’t long before Wakanga himself arrived, bringing with him two well known Zhentarim agents at his side.

The Death of Cervaa Shankledorn

Vree’ree Everhurden, Arlan Strangeways, Tessa, Verner the Gnome, and Cervaa Shankledorn exited the Black Keep and saw that Loral was engaged in combat with Wakanga and Zhentarim forces. They quickly came to the aid of their comrade. During the battle, Wakanga O’tamu offered the heroes a large bag of platinum coins, telling them to take it as payment from Syndra and to leave. He said that Syndra had given up hope of them because they had not reported back to her, and she was already on her way back to Waterdeep. This did not deter the heroes, and they continued to fight. During the battle, Cervaa Shankledorn was singled out by the Zhentarim monk known as “Ragnar, The Iron Fist.” Wounded and afraid, Cervaa retreated to the farthest corner of the room, only to be targeted by Kurrok, the other Zhentarim agent. Kurrok cast a fireball, ending the Halfling Druid’s life.

Wakanga O’tamu

Wakanga recognized Vrae’ree when he arrived from the Black Keep, realizing that the group his men were facing were those hired by Syndra. When the group refused to parley or listen to reason, the combat continued until finally, Vrae’ree tore Wakanga’s Necklace of Absorption from around his neck. Shortly after, the Merchant Prince fell in battle. Having contingency spells prepared for such a time as this, Wakanga’s body was teleported outside of the Castle where he was returned to his villa with the assistance of a Beholder and two Zhentarim agents.

Back to Camp Vengeance

The group decided to teleport to Camp Vengeance when they discovered that Wakanga was gone.

Loral Vows To Remain

During his time at Castle Adikos, Loral became rather obsessed with the idea of defending it in the name of his goddess. He spoke with an emissary of the Raven Queen. Although the Raven Queen has no true interest in the “Death Curse” right now, she did offer to allow Loral to remain in the Castle as a defender.

What’s Next?  Go to Tomb of Annihilation

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