I … is for … IBRANDLIN #atozchallenge


The now Dead God Ibrandul imparted arcane rituals to his most faithful followers over the centuries, allowing them to create loyal guardian beasts from captured fire lizards called “IBRANDLIN.” These creatures can be trained from birth to revere and protect men and women wearing the vestments of Ibrandul – dark purple robes or tunics with four interlocked silver circles – and to guard a lair, usually a temple, against intruders.

They are also called “Lurkers In Darkness” because they prefer subterranean lairs. Lurkers do not hoard treasure. They form family groups with all inhabitants of a temple, working as a team to guard the common items and splendors of their home lair. If it remains on the same plane, a lurker removed from the lair will always know the direction to its home lair and will slowly, doggedly travel back. Lurkers who lose their masters will aggressively defend their lair, even if it is in ruins. If new individuals arrive clad in the familiar vestments of Ibrandul, such lost lurkers will readily accept new masters.



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