As Vrae’Ree, Tessa, Arlan, Tharivol, GrrrgRoot, Adabon, Emanuel, and Aldon boarded the Star Goddess, they watched the zombies below slowly move into the still smoldering ruins of Camp Vengeance. The zombies seemed disinterested in the airship and remained focused the entire time on the camp itself.

Soon, about twenty zombies managed to lumber into the camp. Many fumbledĀ in the overgrowth, impaled on the spikes in the trenches, or stumbled within the rubble. But the few wandered to the middle of the camp and lingered near the crater where (according to Adabon) Commander Breakbone had ordered the two wizards to cast fireballs, thus setting the camp ablaze.

The zombies began digging into the ground, tearing up soil and rock. Within moments, one of the zombies unearths a small chest. It fumbles around with the chest, trying to open it. Finally, another zombie lumbers forward and begins smashing the chest with its fist until the box shatters, revealing a an item wrapped in a colorful cloth.

The zombies tor at the cloth, casting it. As it falls to the ground its easy to discern that it’s an Order of the Gauntlet flag. The zombies begin moving away from the camp slowly, carrying whatever was in the chest with them.




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