“There were times that called for mindless, terror filled
panic, and times that called for measured,
considered, thoughtful panic.”
—Terry Pratchett



The Companions chose to travel by way of Vrae’Ree’s teleportation spell towards where Omu was marked on their map. They appeared Off Target in a lost village called Bulobo where they encountered the “mighty hunter” Grung named “Wadumu Who-Would-Be-Blue.”

The Company arrived at midday. They saw a large clearing that, one were not paying attention, would look like little more than a wide dell full of plant-covered hillocks. However, hints of doorways and windows along with the presence of an obelisk of pitted grey stone reveals the truth— they were standing in the remains of a lost village named Bulobo.

The city of Bulobo was—until the Spellplague— relatively prosperous given its location deep within the jungles of Chult. Like others, it was ravaged by earthquakes and torrential storms and eventually reclaimed by the jungle.

The ground was largely flat, but the remnants of the buildings were still there—covered with thick undergrowth, vines, and flowering plants. The buildings were small and made of large bricks of cut stone. Most of them were completely overgrown, but the shapes of a few of them could be discerned and even entered.

Ahead they could see that a path lead through the buildings and opened into what seemed like a city square. They could see that a large stone obelisk stood in the square.




Wadumu is a cocky young Grung who happened to encounter the Companions at the gate to the village. After a short confrontation, the Company interacted with Wadumu. He explained he was a “mighty hunter” and “guide.”




 Wadumu led them further into the village towards the courtyard where stood a large obelisk surrounded by nine smaller pillars. Six of the pillars were intact and the rest were broken. They discovered the bodies of a dozen Flaming Fist soldiers which turned out to be zombies animated by a Yellow Musk Creeper living on the larger obelisk. After defeating the monsters, they deciphered a puzzle that caused the obelisk to begin descending into the earth. They all quickly jumped onto the base of the obelisk, riding it like an elevator down into the unknown. Wadumu jumped onto Adabon’s shoulder like a parrot, hunching there with a smile.



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