“If geography is prose, maps are iconography” — Lennart Meri


In our local game of Tomb of Annihilation, the adventuring party calling themselves “Siege Engine” were taken to the Forbidden City of Omu by the Red Wizards. They were given this map and told to carry out their mission to recover four puzzle boxes.


Map Key

  1. Red Wizard’s Base Camp
  2. Red Wizard’s Walled Compound
  3. Omu Temple
  4. Shagambi’s Shrine
  5. The Great Rift
  6. Moa’s Shrine
  7. Fallen Tree Bridge
  8. Omu Temple
  9. Yellow Banner Camp
  10. Omu Temple
  11. Queen Napaka Tablet Site
  12. Wongo’s Shrine
  13. Lair of the King of Feathers
  14. Terror Obelisk
  15. Kobold Bazaar
  16. Papazotl’s Shrine
  17. Acererak’s Waterfall
  18. Nangnang’s Shrine
  19. Obo’laka’s Shrine
  20.  Omu Royal Palace


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