Prince Andrew and his Attendants, Silas of the Holy Inquisition, and Earl Richard of Dorcet having successfully delivered Princess Margaret to Edinburgh planned their next move with great political acumen.

As the Royal party rested before the council meeting to decide upon the coronation and marriage of Prince Andrew and Princess Margaret, one of the Templar guards who were assisting the Count of Lothian with security (as the party had arrived quite unannounced) cried out. Prince Andrew and his attendants rushed out of their rooms to see the guards attempt without success to strike a serpent which was deftly dodging their skilled attacks. The serpent reared up and struck a guard in the neck and the guard collapsed. As the serpent proved deft in its ability to dodge Earl Richard decided upon an unerring attack and fired a Magic Missile at the beast. As the serpent hissed menacingly the magic missile struck it in the mouth and silenced the deceiver lest it begin to speak lies. The Royal Party was able to save the life of the fallen Templar. At the council meeting the party concluded that the appearance of the snake represented an assignation attempt. Prince Andrew asked the Chaplain of Lothian, a man who was exceedingly negative in is manner, to schedule the Marriage and Coronation simultaneously for both himself and Princess Margaret on Saint Andrew’s Day. Grand Master Jaques de Molay explained to Prince Andrew after the council meeting that he had a group of Cathar refugees from France that he was hoping he might accept into England. Prince Andrew ordered Silas of the Inquisition to convert the heretics and Silas met with the beautiful leader of the Cathar heretics, Deidre of Gascony. Silas was not successful in converting here heretic despite his best efforts. Princess Margaret became emboldened in her homeland and insisted on going on a hunt for wild boar. Prince Andrew was able to locate a boar with magic and handily slew the beast; unfortunately another six boars showed up and attacked the party. Lord Comyn assisted in attacking the boars but also caused damage to Prince Andrew in so doing with a burning hands spell. Lord de Brus admonished Lord Comyn for so doing after the boar menace was vanquished. Victorious the Royal hunter returned with a feat of boars for the people who rejoiced. After Prince Andrew publicly rejected the heresies of Deidre Prince Edward attempted to influence Prince Andrew to grant Deidre and her Cathars asylum in England without conversion to the true faith. Prince Andrew rejected the notion and after Prince Edward attempted to strike his older brother, Prince Andrew was forced to take Prince Edward away spank him. The next day a guard brought Prince Andrews attention to a secret observation point into the room of the heretic Deidre and it was revealed that the Deidre of Gascony lending comfort to the doll that had made an attempt on Princess Margaret. Silas of the Inquisition and Earl Dorcet assisted in response to Prince Andrew’s request and Silas pronounced swift judgment on the heretic and enemy of the crown Deidre by throwing her out of a window.


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