(Written by DM Jon)

The performance group arrived at Crossroads, a troubled town whose officials had abandoned. Having arrived just before the Festival of the Moon the entertainers found an inn to set up a performance in.

The innkeeper explained that he had Goblins working for him and that he had once been enslaved by them but won his freedom and now he was their boss and they servants of the inn. One Goblin servant was noted to have a rank insignia on his servants’ uniform.

Rene Pernalt befriended a Raven at the garbage dump.

After scouting the inn Johnny Karate noticed some Darklings and told the group discretely after which Rene the gnome squealed with delight at the prospective patrons of the arts.

The performers put together a show that catered to the Darkling’s Emo sensibilities and taste. A non-Emo show was performed outside the inn to draw in the crowd and inside the inn, a poetry reading augmented with bongo drums, an emo raven, and instead of a spotlight a ‘black light’ made with a minor illusion spell. The darklings left happy and gave the performers a trinket that signified their approval of a fine performance.

The group went to investigate the disappearance of the officials in town and Johnny Karate convinced one of the remaining guards to assume the role of sheriff.

Regina caught some rats to feed to her snake and noticed the rat tracks looked like the tracks left by formations of soldiers. One of the subdued rats was tied to a tiny chair and interrogated with Rene Pernalt the Gnome translating, the performer’s mage and rogue assisted by shooting a firebolt over the rats ear and holding a dagger to his throat respectively. As the interrogation progressed the rat revealed he worked for a “Rat King” just as the rat was going to spill the beans and the Rat King the rat’s head exploded as if by magic. Rene attempted CPR to no avail and reported the tragic death to the innkeeper who had a Goblin staffer give the rat a proper burial by eating it.

After further investigation, the entertainers found that many of the sewer grates that were normally to be kept locked were actually unlocked and the party replaced the locks.

After following the lead on the rat tracks the tracks were found to lead to a warehouse. Many rats carrying small treasures were found and the party handily defeated them and claimed the treasure. A rat at the warehouse was befriended by Rene Pernalt and gave directions to a hidden ruby that could cast a 5th level fireball spell that the entertainers recovered.

Another show was put on with Regina’s snake assisting in a dance, Rene Pernalt performing an interpretive dance to ‘Flight of the Bumblebee with the Raven and Rat’ but not before Rene was able to secure a product placement ad with the gift of three silver daggers that the party would feature in ten performances. The product placement fit in very well with an act that consisted of knife juggling and so the artistic integrity of the act was compromised minimally. The tabaxi performer used his double movement speed to dance to “Rasputin’ at double speed which gained the great acclaim of the crowd.

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