re·source: a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.


Dungeons & Dragons is a fun game that can be kept interesting by using all kinds of cool resources. These days we have neoprene gaming mats, game tiles, Dwarven Forge pieces, and all sorts of other crazy stuff that can be used on the tabletop to represent the environment our player’s characters are interacting within. It’s always good to have a stock of resources to change things up. Here’s one of those resources.


I go to our two local Goodwill stores probably once or twice a month. I always check out the boardgame section for anything that catches my eye as something that I might be able to use with a game of D&D. With the recent advertisements of the Waterdeep campaign emerging right now, my understanding is that many of the adventures will end up being inside rather than out. Thus, I grabbed a Clue board game from my stock of resources previous nabbed at a Goodwill for just a possible situation.

The board game is suited to an indoor environment with several rooms and hallways. It even provides a staircase leading down to lead into a vault or another level. This is also a callback to the days of Mr. Gygax when (as the stories go) he would use parts and elements from other games (as well as plastic toys from the corner store) in his games of D&D.

So if you happen to have a game like Clue laying around the house when you go to place Waterdeep Dragon Heist, maybe you want to slap it on the table for the night. The players might raise an eyebrow at you, but I bet it turns out that they enjoy themselves. It will be even better if you’re doing a “murder mystery” scenario.

Give it a try and come back to leave a comment with how it worked out.





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