In the LAND OF NOD, East of EDEN, is a small region named SEVEN TOWNS. South of SEVEN TOWNS lies the DARK WOOD. It is a malignant place where the PLANE OF SHADOW seeps in and poisons all that is good and right.

These Goblins use the same statistics in games of Dungeons & Dragons as those listed in the 5th edition Monster Manual. However, when these creatures are encountered the DM can use the chart below to determine what the individual Goblins look like due to their mutations.

% Roll Deformity
01-03 Slits for Eyes
04-07 Albino Skin
08-10 Cone Shaped Head
11-13 Way Too Skinny
14-15 Short Legs, Big Bod
16-17 Goat Horns
18-20 Bulging Eyes
21-23 Pimples and Boils
24-26 Beak For Nose
27-29 Brightly Colored Skin
30-32 Very Large Ears
33-35 Shark-like Maw Mouth
36-37 Arms Drag on Ground
38-41 Enormously Obese
42-44 Scorpion Tail
45 -47 Big Red Eyes
48-51 Eyestalks
52-54 Feathers For Body Hair
56-58 Drooling Acid
59-60 Prehensile Tail
61-62 Four Legs
63-66 Smells Really Bad
67-68 Flesh Flakes Off
69-70 Two Heads
71-72 Gaping Mouth
73-75 Big Head
76-78 Hunchbacked
79-80 Missing Limb
81 -82 Long Tongue
83-84 Tentacles
85-87 Head Like A Fish
88-90 No Body
91-93 Wings
94-97 Really Long Fingers
98-99 Hairy
100 Roll Twice


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