This picture of the “Mental Health Pain Scale” seems like a great check-in tool to let your support network understand how you are feeling at a particular time.

Using this scale, a person coping with Mental Health issues can simply say a number allowing a loved one or support person come to a quick understanding of how the person is feeling at that moment.

For example, instead of trying to explain to my wife how I am feeling on a particular day when she inevitably asks me, “How are you?” I can simply tell her a number to reduce my stress and eliminate the need for me to simply reply “Ok.”

For example, today I am essentially at a 3. That’s why I’m blogging right now. I’m looking for a distraction and I’m able to actually do something. My depression is low, my voices are soft and manageable, my neuropathy pain is present but not terrible, and I’m not much anxiety right now. I’m at my 3, and I’m using blogging as a coping skill.

I hope that someone who reads my blog can find a good use for this image below. I plan on using it and I hope you find a useful purpose for it too.


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