We have been playing D&D 5th edition on Discord using DnD Beyond since March 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania. This is our second campaign.

While searching the Ironhand Mine, Eanrin and Ashier had reached a bridge where they disturbed a pack of ghouls. The creatures surged from the water like hungry crocodiles, snapping their maws and hissing in anticipation of raw, warm flesh.

Ashier ran away, seeking refuge in a small offshoot corridor. But Eanrin was swarmed by the ghouls and surrounded. The beasts clawed and bit at the Bard, a mass of stinking flesh and moaning breath. They tore at his shield and his armor, but the Bard did his best to ward them off. The ragged cuts from their filthy claws were not the most fearful thing, but rather the poison they extruded from those claws, a toxin that could render a man completely paralyzed. If that happened, Eanrin knew that the ghouls would tear him limb from limb like vultures on a roadside carcass.

Ashier summoned up raw magic from around him, chanting the words that would raise a Wall of Fire around Eanrin and the ghouls. As the flames appeared, one of the ghouls was caught within the flames, and it screeched in pain and fury. Eanrin quicked sand a song, creating a Dimension Door by which to escape. He stepped inside, appearing a few feet behind Ashier. The ghouls screamed in anger, ignoring the flames but furious to lose their anticipated meal.

Meanwhile, Rain on the Night Wind and Fradelis slowly entered the dark mine, looking to the South to see Luna moving towards them. The three of them spoke quickly, Luna explaining that she had heard explosions to the Southeast that was likely Ashier and eanrin using spells. They investigated the corpses of the three Svirfneblin Deep Gnomes but did not disturb their bodies or loot their goods. They noticed that there was a half-gnawed on wheel of cheese, and Fradelis confirmed that this must be what the Giant Rats were eating when she peered through the door with her eldritch magic. At this point, none of the Companions realized that these dead Gnomes were actually the Giant Rats, Wererat lycanthropes who had reverted to their original form after death. They were also unaware that to the Northeast of their position were several more Wererats of the same pack, watching and waiting to see what the vile intruders would do next.

Back with Eanrin and Ashier, the ravenous ghouls ran through the Wall of Fire, less worried about the licking fire and more focused on the prospect of fresh meat. One of the ghouls was burned to death, falling to a writhing blacked mass on the stone floor of the corridor. But the others rushed ahead, surrounding the two Companions as best they could in the tight quarters, clawing and biting hungrily.

Eanrin watched in horror as Ashier fell unconscious from the onslaught of ghouls. The Bard sang another song, summoning up another Dimension Door. Ashier and Eanrin were transported further North in the mine. However, unknown to the Sorcerer and Bard, they had appeared only mere feet away from a patrol of Hobgoblins who had heard not only the screaming ghouls but also Ashier’s various exploding spells. They had been making their way West when they encountered Ashier’s pseudodragon on its way to seek out Rain, Fradelis, and Luna. One of the Hobgoblins fired an arrow at the tiny dragon, drawing blood on a glancing blow across its back. The familiar hissed in pain, and flew towards Ashier who was now laying motionless at Eanrin’s feet.

The Hobgoblin captain, Rown Killmonger, shushed his fellows as he heard Eanrin singing a song of healing. The Bard felt the power of the Weave amass around him, and he layed hands on Ashier casting Healing Word. Rowen whispered orders to the three other Twisted Rune Hobgoblins, and then withdraw his two enchanted daggers, Spite and Malice. Both dripped with an inky black venom.

Eanrin looked to the West and the mine entrance door to see Rain, Luna, and Fradelis. The Bard didn’t want to make noise for fear that the ghouls would hear him, so he started to wave and gesture, indicating that he needed his allies to come towards him to help.

As the Companions reunited, they heard the ghouls approaching from the South. They monsters were howling like a hungry pack of wolves out for a hunt. Their rapidly approaching wet footfalls were nearly impossible to make out over the screams of hunger and anticipation.

Luna rushed in front of Eanrin and Ashier as a Hobgoblin arrow struck the Bard in the shoulder. She could see a single Hobgoblin soldier dressed in Twisted Rune armor in the nearby corridor, and assumed that he was not alone. However, Fradelis and Rain decided to withdraw and seek cover rather than joining the battle.

Eanrin started singing again, summoning up magic with his song to cast Heat Metal on the armor of the Hobgoblin who had just shot him. He watched as the Hobgoblin howled in pain as the metal bits of his armor quickly heated to red hot irons on his flesh. The Hobgoblin dropped his bow and fell to one knee, desperately trying to doff his armor. Then, Eanrin tapped into his Druidic power, and wild shaped into a tiger. At the same time, Ashier summoned up six Melf’s Minute Meteors using his elemental magic, and then reached out to touch Luna, chanting the words to another spell. With a touch, Ashier cast Dragon’s Breath on the Half-Elf Champion, imbuing her with the power to spew magical fire energy from her mouth. Luna’s eyes went wide as she felt the spell wash over her, someone instinctively knowing what power had been given to her through the spell.

As the screaming hobgoblin died from its fiery wounds, Ashier and Eanrin both fell back to hide like Rain and Fradelis. Luna remained in the same position, ready to fight the oncoming ghouls. Apparently the others felt that Luna would be overrun and that their positions would benefit them to attack the oncoming enemies in the large room.

Seeing that Eanrin and Ashier were both injured and had withdrawn from Luna, Rain on the Night Wind moved forward to the corner of the mine cart shaft, and cat Hail of Thorns. He felt the spell’s energy rise up from the earth around him, energizing his arrows as he notched them and fired on the ghouls. One by one the deft Ranger dropped the oncoming undead, killing all four of the ghouls before they ever reached Luna.

However, the Hobgoblin Devastator stepped out from the corridor, glancing down at his fallen comrade with obvious distaste, and began chanting the words to a spell that would allow him to hurl a Lightning Bolt at Luna. The stroke of yellow fire sizzled through the air, striking Luna, and continuing on to explode on the wall behind her. Luna spasmed and groaned, but remained standing. The Hobgoblin wizard then stepped out of sight, returning to the corridoor.

Luna rushed forward and followed the mage, chasing him down and lashing out with her rapiers. Her blades cut into the Hobgoblin wizard’s armor, landing two wounded to his lower torso. He grunted in pain, only to hear Eanrin (who had moved to stand behind Luna) singing another spell song directing a Heat Metal spell on the wizard’s arcane focus, a brass Twisted Rune badge. The Hobgoblin shouted in pain, and dropped the focus, glancing down for a moment to see it glowing red hot at his feet.

Ashier and Fradelis remained back in the larger room but Rain charged down the mine cart shaft again, firing arrows at the hobgoblins, and then moving down further South along the shaft to act as a guard in case anything else came form that direction. He could see the unmoving carcasses of the ghouls laying not far away.

Luna attacked the Hobgoblin wizard again, stabbing with her rapiers. The wizard parried her first blow with his quarterstaff, but the second struck him in the upper torso. He grunted in pain again, gritting his teeth. Ashier (who had moved to stand behind Eanrin) and Eanrin worked together, slinging spells at the Hobgoblin soldier behind the mage. Their combined power of ice and fire slew the soldier. He staggered and fell to the dirty mineshaft floor. Fradelis remained in hiding among some barrels in the larger room.

Unknown to Fradelis, the remaining Svirfneblin wererats were slowly creeping towards her from the North, using their racial talents of invisibility to remain unseen. They noticed that she was alone, and instinctively knew that she would make excellent prey.

Meanwhile, Kalman the Cruel sat on his throne of bones, watching through the Palantir at all that was unfolding within the wererat warren of the Ironhand mine. He laughed slightly, watching the third party of invaders. They would die like the rest, adding their essence to his own. In good time, the Silver Marches would be his. All In good time.

Saga of the Twisted Rune

One thought on “TWISTED RUNE: SESSION 20

  1. Brittany (Eanrin) says:

    Third party? Huh. I knew there was a second group, but if a third group was mentioned, it didn’t stick in my head…

    It’s going to be a lot more difficult to trick Kalman if he can watch what we are doing, and that means Ashier is no longer an ace in the hole.

    I learned during this that I need to be more conscious of positioning if I’m gonna use the tiger form in the mine, or even if I’m just sword fighting. Those narrow tunnels can be a great advantage by keeping you from being surrounded, but they can also make it difficult for multiple people to attack. That is something Eanrin and Luna will have to work out strategically if we make it out of this. Attacking and falling back.



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