We have been playing D&D 5th edition on Discord using DnD Beyond since March 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania. This is our second campaign.

The companions continue to fight against minions of the Twisted Rune within the wererat warren of the Ironhand mines. Rain on the Night Wind stands ready within the mine cart shaft while Ashier, Eanrin, and Luna battle a Hobgoblin wizard nearby. And not far away, Fradelis crouches behind a pile of barrels, hiding as she has since the beginning of the battle.

Slowly, Fradelis worked up her nerve and moved from her hiding place, walking towards the corridor where her friends were locked in combat. Seeing the Warlock move, the wererats looked to each other. Body Language was exchanged and one of the Svirfneblin Wererats stepped away from the others, and began to chant a spell that would Blind Fradelis. As the spell was cast, the gnome popped into existence, visible now to all within line of sight.Meanwhile, the Hobgoblin wizard Disengaged from combat with Luna, rushing East down the dirty mine shaft and then turning South, dashing out of sight.

Again, Luna gave chase. She ran the Hobgoblin down and began to stab with her rapiers. Both landed vicious cuts on the Hobgoblin, adding to the previous three wounds on his torso. Had it not been for his leather armor, the wizard would surely be dead from the proficiency of Luna’s attacks. At the same time, Eanrin released the Heat Metal spell kneeling down to allow the brass Twisted Rune badge to cool down. Afterward he pocketed the badge and then started to sing a song that summoned up a cloud of transparent, shimmering daggers around the Wererat. As the magical blades closed in on the creature, Eanrin continued to hum the tune as he ran down the corridor after Luna.

Ashier recalled the layout of the mine shafts from earlier, and decided to charge Southward along the mine cart shaft to cut off the Hobgoblins. He ran past Rain, briefly shouting out his plan. Dashing quickly, he passed a mine cart and turned East at the first corridor running face to face with Rowen Killmonger. Surprised, Ashier willed two more of his Melf’s Minute Meteors towards Killmonger, exploding them right behind the Hobgoblin. The flame licked at his flesh and clothing, searing him but he barely grunted with a wicked smile. The Hobgoblin lifted his two magical blades, Malice and Spite, and prepared to attack Ashier.

Back with Fradelis, she tried to summon up the willpower to shake off the Wererat’s Blindness spell, but could not. With a curse, she extended her hand and unleashed an Eldritch Blast at her attacker. She couldn’t see him but she surmised his position from when she could still see. The beams arched out, striking the lycanthrope in the chest. His skin where the beams hit turned a sickly purple-red and he cried out in anguish.

Seeing what was going on with Fradelis, Rain on the Night Wind unleashed two arrows at the Wererat. The wererat cringes with each hit as the arrows strike him. He growls in pain and anger. That was when Rain realized that if a Wererat had the same abilities as a Werewolf that only silvered or magical weapons would inflict harm so it was likely that his arrows were merely causing pain but inflicting no true damage.

At that moment, Rain gasped as he saw four more Svirfneblin Wererats appear around Fradelis, encircling her. The Warlock could hear hissing but she remained blind. As the lycanthropes began to stab at her with their shortswords all she could do was blindly parry and dodge, hoping to escape some of their blades.

The flurry of stabs from the Wererats ended with several cuts piercing her armor, but she managed to avoid and fend off as many blows. She was wounded and bleeding, but still in the fight. And then she could hear the other Wererat crying out as the cloud of shimmer daggers sliced and diced into his flesh. Fradelis sighed as the spell fell away and she knew that the Wererat spellcaster was dead. She glanced over, seeing the Wererat rapidly reverting to the form of a Svirfneblin Gnome but the Cloud of Daggers were still stabbing and slicing into his already dead flesh.

Meanwhile, back with Eanrin and Luna the Hobgoblin wizard grinned as he reached into his pouch, pulling out a shard of glass and some bat guano. The wizard chanted the words to a Fireball spell, pointing directly at Luna. A bright streak flashes from his pointing finger blossoms with a low roar into an explosion of flame, washing over Luna, Eanrin and spreading out through the mine shaft in both directions. Although the wizard himself was caught in the blast, he was unharmed due to his ability of Army Arcana allowing himself and even his allies to be immune to the damage from his spell. Luna and Eanrin both suffered heavy burns and their clothing was singed and tarnished.

Not far away, Rown Killmonger grunted with pleasure as he stabbed twice at Ashier. The Sorcerer managed to use his arcane focus, a longsword, to parry both blows. Rown growled unhappily, and narrowed his eyes. Calling on his innate abilities, he teleported away by means of Misty Step, gathering his wits and planning to Sneak Attack the Sorcerer.

In the meantime, Luna was still engaging in swordplay with the Hobgoblin wizard. As Eanrin watched them trade blows, he tapped into his Druidic power to wildshape into a cave badger. Using the beast’s ability to burrow, he dug his way through the ten feet of dirt and rock, emerging on the other side behind the wizard. The Eanrin-badger wobbled forward, clawing and biting at the Hobgoblin. But the wizard was undaunted, and summoned up another Fireball, casting it at his feet. The explosion knocked all of them down, but when the smoke cleared only the Hobgoblin wizard remained conscious. Both Luna and Earnin were unconscious on the shaft floor.

“Be glad,” sneered the Hobgoblin. “That Kalman ordered any intruders to be left alive if at all possible.” With that, the wizard turned and ran down the shaft to the South intending to catch up with his commander, Rowen Killmonger.

Ashier and Rain on the Night Wind shouted to each other. Ashier wanted the Ranger to fight Rowen while he backtracked to help Fradelis with the Wererats. As they communicated, Rowen charged forward. Ashier called upon his magic, casting a Sleep spell on the charging Hobgoblin Rouge. It seemed to have no effect as Rowen started stabbing with his two Daggers of Venom called Malice and Spite. Both struck with deadly aim, knocking the Sorcerer unconscious. Rowen laughed heartily, standing over the fallen spellcaster. And that was when Rain on the Night Wind bravely stood over Ashier’s body, engaging Rown in melee combat.

In time, Fradelis defeated the Wererats and rushed to assist against Rowen. Rain and the Hobgoblin were trading blows, both wounded but not giving in. Fradelis joined the fray, drawing her Shadowfell Sun Blade to hack at Rowen while Rain carved away at him with his Coinspinner’s knife and Dragontooth dagger.

All the while, Kalman sat quietly on his throne of skulls, watching through his Palantir. He grinned, knowing that the Council of Silverymoon had failed. They had sent two other groups to find and slay him, the Company of the Yellow Banner and the Black Banner Brotherhood, and both mercenary companies lay dead. And now this one, a ragtag band of logging overseers, were about to die. All would feed his essence.

“Soon,” he mumbled through dry, cracked lips. “Soon the Silver Marches will bow to me.”

Saga of the Twisted Rune

2 thoughts on “TWISTED RUNE: SESSION 21

  1. Brittany (Eanrin) says:

    I wonder why Kalman would have said to leave us alive if possible, if our dying feeds his essence… I wonder if he just feels like it’s a win win situation.


  2. David Phillips says:

    I don’t think it is enough for Kalman to kill us, he needs to gloat after all the misery he has endured. He needs many instances of vengence. I like the wallpaper. I think this is what they call a difficult to deadly battle.



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