We have been playing D&D 5th edition on Discord using DnD Beyond since March 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania. This is our second campaign.

The companions talked and decided to leave the deepest level of the Ironhand mine for safety. They returned to the shack outside of the mine. Rain suggested that the group rest for eight or ten hours, and in the meantime take some time to get to know each other. They had been together for nine days and hadn’t really taken the time to talk on a personal level.

They brought the injured Knight in Silver with them. He was severely injured but Eanrin gave him a single gooseberry and Rain provided him with catfish stolen from the caves in the Ironhand mines. During their discussion, the Knight became a bit annoyed with them as they were talking about him as if he were a child and never even showed him the respect of asking his name.

“If you do plan on sending ‘the knight’ to Neverwinter,” he said somewhat sarcastically. “Perhaps you could send me to the Hall of Justice so I may report what has happened here today.”

The companions continued to talk as the Knight struggled to breath. In the end, the knight’s breathing becomes very shallow. And quickly, he stops breathing all together, giving in to his extensive wounds.

Rain on the Night Wind glanced over at the Knight and sighed but otherwise none if the companions seemed to notice. They talked for the next eight hours, planning out their next move against Kalman and his new empire.

2 thoughts on “TWISTED RUNE: SESSION 23

  1. Brittany (Eanrin) says:

    I was trying to let the poor guy sleep… I thought he could use the rest, and wouldn’t want to be pestered.


  2. David Phillips says:

    Kalman might keep us alive because we are so ineffective at saving anyone and then he can gloat. I was hoping the knight would survive.



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