I am taking part in the 2021 A-Z Blogging Challenge. Throughout the month of April 2021, I will be blogging about aspects of my homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign world called Mavweth.

Belker are spirits of an elemental nature that haunt inhospitable areas of Mawveth. These creatures came into being when the destructive wave of energies washed over the planet when OG emerged from the Far Realm. They are fiendishly vile creatures that prey on the weak and unsuspecting.

These creatures were primarily composed of smoke and had large black wings, grasping clawed hands, and a shark-like maw. Though their base form was sort of demonic in appearance, they continually shifted and changed shape due to their semi-gaseous nature. On average their smoky bodies were 7 to 9 feet tall.

Belker prefer to remain solitary and reclusive. They are rarely encountered in pairs or packs. They thrive in locations like abandoned villages, radiation zones, or garlands where most survivors woukd fear to tread. They are carnivorous, desiring warm, raw flesh above all else. They do not need to feed to survive and consume flesh for the simple delight of the experience.

Read more about The Mawveth Chronicles here.


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