I am taking part in the 2021 A-Z Blogging Challenge. Throughout the month of April 2021, I will be blogging about aspects of my homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign world called Mavweth.

Twenty-five years ago, a coalition of physicists, made up of mostly Elves, were conducting groundbreaking research involving renewable sources of energy siphoned from the primordial elemental planes.

The Elves delved too deeply and greedily into research of cosmic magic never meant to wield by mortals.

Five years later, the coalition had a breakthrough. They proclaimed that their endeavors had finally led to a discovery of endless, sustainable energy that would replace fossil fuels. But in reality, unknown to them, the physicists had accidentally awakened an ancient entity within the Far Realm. During an event being called “The Unveiling” high-ranking members of the Elven coalition gathered in the capital city to demonstrate their discoveries. During the exhibition, an interplanar portal opened unexpectedly.

When the portal opened, it first functioned much like a black hole, resulting in nearly everything in 100 square miles falling into the portal. It was all consumed in the blink of an eye: people, vehicles, buildings … everything. Afterward, an entity emerged from the portal. It was terrifying to look upon and resembling that of a pitch-black, semi-humanoid figure surrounded by a hellish nimbus of fiery light, dimly revealing its one massive lidless eye.

The horrific creature burst forth from the portal as if from the womb bringing with it a wave of radiation that swept across the world causing a global apocalypse. And as the world burned, the entity simply disappeared. Later, survivors named the catastrophe “Mawveth” referring to a personification of the angel of death in ancient Human religious literature.

The Elven coalition had released OG and the world as we once knew it changed forever.

Read more about The Mawveth Chronicles here.


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