I am taking part in the 2021 A-Z Blogging Challenge. Throughout the month of April 2021, I will be blogging about aspects of my homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign world called Mavweth.

The post apocalyptic world of Mawveth.

Welcome to Mawveth, a “campaign setting” to frame your adventures and storytelling. The setting is a dystopian future where an uncanny catastrophic event has spun a modern world into retrograde.

Adventures in Mawveth are fast-paced and perilous. Survivors live by the sharpness of their wits as much as the edge of their sabers. They seldom die, but the risk of death continually hovers over them. Eldritch monsters, murderous gangs, vile mutants, greedy despots, and occasionally deities themselves will make the lives of the survivors as treacherous as they are exciting.

Players will take on the standard roles of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition: Fighters, wizards, rogues, and clerics. Some characters may be zealous heroes. Others may be unscrupulous scoundrels. Either way, their goal is survival in a dark, harsh world.

Their exploits will take them throughout the Land of Nod, as far as the Dreaming Forest to the South, the fabled Devil’s Rock to the West, or to the forbidden city of Andot in the East. More frequently they will wander the Great Northlands. They must watch their step because the Northlands are unforgiving and filled with many scurrilous dangers. 

At the heart of a Mawveth campaign are gritty survivors willing to do whatever they need to do to make it through another day. Unlike some campaigns in the D&D cosmology, this setting emphasizes a gray morality needed to stay alive in a lawless environment. Mawveth survivors should be knaves, vagabonds, and ne’er-do-wells looking for a safe place to live, quick fortune, forgotten lore, or intrepid thrills. Survivors should never be evil, but merely possess the qualities of an antihero. 

Mawveth embraces dark intrusive fantasy elements, mixing magic with technology in a grimdark post-apocalyptic setting that is brutal and often unjust. The playing characters will often need to make difficult moral decisions where there are often not clear, right, or proper choices. Stories don’t always end well, and solutions aren’t tidy. They will discover that solving every challenge with might-makes-right or hack-n-slash mentality will lead to failure. They cannot overcome every threat; and at time survivors may need to compromise, choosing discretion over valor.

Overall, the aim of playing Mawveth is to get together with your friends, experience an enjoyable story, roll some dice, act out some scenes, and have a bunch of fun. Sometimes we need fantasy to cope with reality. 

In the Chronicles of Mawveth you play a survivor in a small tribe struggling to exist in a harsh post apocalyptic wilderness. Do you have the grit to make it another day?

Read more about The Mawveth Chronicles here.


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