Marvel Comics publisher Stan Lee proposed a heroic practitioner of voodoo and black magic, and when editor-in-chief Roy Thomas suggested the name “Doctor Voodoo”, Lee rebounded with the suggestion “Brother Voodoo”. The task of fleshing out the character was then assigned to writer Len Wein and Marvel’s art director, John Romita Sr. Wein recounted, “We talked about the sense of the character. I designed the ‘V’ in the circle on the forehead in John’s office.” Romita did most of the costume design, while Wein’s concept for Brother Voodoo’s character and powers drew partial inspiration from the Phantom. To read an extensive background on this character, please click here.

I’m not really interested in buying the Atomic Mass Games box set for Voodoo until I playtest him a little. Plus, I want to reasearch Ho

I purchased this model from ThePrintepire on Etsy and I’m happy with it. The scale and size of Marvel Crisis Protocol characters vary based on their base size. Take a look at Miles Morales compared to Peter Parker, There’s a big difference in the proportions on those models. So I believe this “witch doctor” is going to work just fine for me and my games of Crisis Protocol.


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