I started a little blurb on this blog called “Biblical D&D” mainly because a friend of a friend wanted to play D&D as a cleric but as a Catholic he believed it might be blasphemous to play a “pagan” priest. In attempting to convince him to play something other than a cletic, he was uninterested. He wanted to play a Christian cleric. Period. Oh and also the cleric couldn’t cast spells. The word “spells” bothered him.

Now, I was raised hardcore Independent Baptist. I had to hide my interest in D&D through my teenage life. I mean, this church literally bought all the Harry Potter books they could grab from the local Waldenbooks on release day and burned him in a bonfire in the church parling lot. And when I went to college, my cache of role-playing books and miniatures were taken from my room and burned at the same church. All of them. So I understand “Satanic Panic” and worries of blasphemy. However, I have always understood the difference between reality and fantasy. I have never had a worry that God was angry at me for playing D&D. But nevertheless my friend’s friend was worried so I started putting some thought to it.

During the conversation with the concerned player-to-be I discussed my perception of things (it’s a game, not reality. God probably views it the same as playing monopoly or baseball, all that) but it didn’t fly. So I decided to create a new cleric type that was based on not only Christianity but specifically Catholicism. Therefore, I had extra studying to do.

4 thoughts on “OF BIBLICAL D&D

  1. 3 days late to the party. All those silly evangelicals calling for D&D to be banned in the late 70’s and early 80’s drove me and my high school buddies to play more and to talk about playing a fantasy RPG to more of our friends. Burning books, religious ones aside, is never good thing.

    I suggest re-watching “The Exorcise” to get an idea of how to play a Catholic priest as a D&D Character Class!



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