We have started a new D&D 5th campaign under the direction of DM David. The campaign is centered in Nightstone on the Sword Coast within the Forgotten Realms.

The Nightstone for this game is slightly altered. In DM David’s setting, a number of towns have been demolished and a wave of refugee dragonborn have settled in the swordcoast looking for a home and haven’t found that until three years ago, when Nightstone accepted and included the dragonborn and refugees to help build Nightstone into a city. Some have left to rebuilid their devastated town with help of some powers within Nightstone.

The forest surrounding Nightstone, the Ardeep Forest, is claimed by wood elves who are in a cold war with Nightstone. Nightstone had lumbered the forest and was a favorite hunting lodge for the nobles of Waterdeep. The present agreement is not to touch the forest, but Nightstone can still mine stone as long as they don’t disturb the forest’s trees which includes some rare magical materials. Nightstone has adapted as a trading hub, mage school, stone exporter, manufactuer of fine goods, and financial hub to help with the reconstruction.

Nightstone has also become a hub of adventuers who have come seeking various ruins and rumored abandoned dragon lairs since most dragons have been seen flying south not to return.

Our group is a motley band of adventurers who met in Daggerford. We have travelled to Nightstone for several reasons but mainly to seek employment by Lady Nightstone in her endeavours to plunder “abandoned” dragon lairs after the cataclysmic events of the Tyranny of Dragons.


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