Clayton Cortez

I started reading the All New All Different Savage Avengers and that was the first time I ever saw Weapon H. Basically Hulk with Wolverine claws. I was an instant fan.

Clayton was infused with the DNA harvested from Amadeus Cho’s Hulk form and Old Man Logan as well as being subjected to the adamantium-bonding and being injected with nanites reverse-engineered from Lady Deathstrike’s nanites that was also in the adamantium. Much of his brain was left intact so that he could be better disciplined. Clayton’s hybrid form resembles a gray-skinned Hulk with retractable claws and adamantium protrusions on his back, shoulders, and parts of his legs. Eventually, Clayton was released as H-Alpha who along with his more primitive precursor H-Beta fought Amadeus Cho’s Hulk form and the current team known as Weapon X, though H-Alpha proved superiority, killing H-Beta before engaging Hulk. Clayton regained much of his humanity, even though he tried to kill Dr. Alba, and soon fled the battle.

I bought the 3D model from a seller on Etsy named ModestMinisStudio. I highly recommend this etsy store. They do good work. I’ve ordered from them many times.

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