The Honored Dead

Abernacky, (5th)

Adon Cordell, (17th)

Grogon, (17th)

Sunz Tzu, (17th)

Cervaa Shankledorn (18th)

Shenshang De Gonju (18th)



Cade Ufgood (1st)

Sylvester McMonkey McBean (1st)

Brune Leboeuf (3rd)

Abernacky, Soldier of the Lord’s Alliance (5th)

 Fo (5th)

Alaric of Baldur’s Gate (8th)

Brune Leboeuf (11th)

Tom of the Unseen Eight (11th)

Adon Cordell (17th)

Grrr gRoot (18th)

The Neverwinter Nine

Adabon of the Star Mounts (13th)

Brune Leboeuf (13th)

Deiter Von Stieg (13th)

Fo (13th)

Ki’rock of the Black Isles (13th)

Thaed Le’Drea (13th)

Tharivol of the Western Heartlands (11th)

Vrae’Ree Everhurden (13th)