In my D&D Homebrew setting of MAWVETH, Mammon is an Arch-Devil of Hell and the patron of greed. He is the smelter of soul coins and moneylender of souls. He resides on the third layer of the nine hells and remains in good standing with his fellow devils.

Mammon represents greed, lust, and ambition. He is two-faced, vindictive, and arrogant, always looking for imagined insults. Mammon’s servants wage economic warfare on good, prosperous nations in an attempt to collapse their economies, hoping that in their desperation the newly impoverished souls will turn to Mammon for salvation.

He is indirect and venomous. Mammon is known for speaking in riddles, never coming straight to the point even when giving orders. His servants emulate this behavior.


Natural Form
Lolth, Dark Elf Form

The demoness Lolth is a very powerful and feared demon Lord. She usually takes the form of a giant black widow spider when she is on the Prime Material Plane, and sometimes assumes this form on her own plane as well, but she also enjoys appearing as an exquisitely beautiful female dark elf. Little is known about her aims, and only the fact that the Drow worship of Lolth causes her to assume form on the earth permits compilation of any substantial information whatsoever.

When I was trying to find a figure to use as Lolth for my homebrew games of D&D I discovered Doctor Who’s Empress of Racnoss. I kept an eye on eBay for quite a while and managed to grab one that had a minor defect for about $20 plus shipping.

The Empress of The Racnoss features a 12″ diameter complete with waist and leg articulation. The coppery-colored Empress is a monstrous spider fitted with a humanoid torso, either hybrid component heavily armored and adorned with spiked growths of chitin. The Empress’ elaborate cranial growth is studded with multiple eyes. The Racnoss is an ancient race thought to be rendered extinct. The Empress of the Racnoss is a half humanoid/half arachnid creature similar to a Drider. The Empress makes her appearance in the Episode “The Runaway Bride”, during which she reveals herself to Doctor Who and unveils her intention to harvest the human race, after having finally devised a means to regain her former power.





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Immik is a powerful entity worshiped by the citizens of Tophet, a small village North of the Somber Woods on the islands of Parepidaymos (par-ep-id’-ay-mos) in the Land of Nod. Immik is described as a mighty angel whose very body burns with flames. He is the Lord of Flame, Bringer of Fire, and Sacred Master of the Fivefold Secrets.

Immik’s Hunger spell


Chultan Necklace of Absorption