MI-13_Flamethrower_2_Prelim_Sketch-_Mark_01_largeHere’s a little sneak peek of the M-13 Zed Roaster posted on the Grindhouse Games Incursion Blog. Apparently, they are “cooking” something up for us, and I hope it has to do with a great big Kickstarter with lots of awesome stuff. Read more over at the Incursion Blog:  Oi! Lissen’ up you!


Foreign correspondent Mark Todd, assigned by his newspaper to cover the Second Sino-Japanese War, is forced to take refuge in a cave during an artillery bombardment by the Japanese. There he meets the Skull Men, a strange race with burning skulls for heads. They inform him he has been chosen by the forces of destiny to be the champion of freedom, and they begin his training, which grants him abilities such as invulnerability to fire. Once his training is completed, he returns home and, motivated by the horrors of Nazism, dons a uniform with a flaming mask (in honor of the Skull Men), taking the name “The Blazing Skull”. (As time passes and he continues to master the Skull Men’s teachings, he gains the ability to turn his flesh invisible, mimicking his teachers’ appearance, and stops using the mask.)

Soon afterwards, Todd comes into contact with the WWII superhero team, the Invaders, and aids them against a team of Axis superhumans, saving the life of Namor the Sub-Mariner. He also fights alongside the team during a massed Allied superhuman airdrop into a Nazi stronghold.

The Blazing Skull has the ability to make his skin invisible, but cannot turn his bones invisible. He is also impervious to fire and the effects of flame. Over the course of years his powers increased giving him superhuman strength (at least enough strength to lift and throw a fully loaded tank), and the ability to project and expel flame. He has a healing factor that rivals that of Wolverine and if a part of his body is cut off, he can reconnect it. He is also immune to all injury, but still feel’s pain. His powers have either slowed or stopped his aging completely.

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I can never have enough Frank Castle, apparently. Of course, these versions of Frank Castle are being used in our homebrew games of Incursion. I decided that since I had three different miniatures of the Punisher (from the Heroclix games) that I would go ahead and make three different versions of Frank Castle for our use.

In our games of Incursion set (of course) in the Secrets of the Third Reich background, Frank Castle is a little different from the one you know and love. Here he is a rough and tough vetern of World War II, acting as an Ally of sorts to the 7th Armored Divison. He’s not an APE, obviously, but he still helps the boys out and packs a mean punch.

The first, above, is a version of the Punisher completely based on the Hurricane as discussed in a previous post in this blog. The miniature we use along with this card is pictured below. It’s the Punisher miniature from HeroClix: Punisher # 54 – Ultimates.  He’s in a long coat with two pistols, diving for cover. This is a straight up Super Soldier version of Frank Castle similar to Sentinels from Secrets of the Third Reich.

Frank Castle, The Punisher, playing the role of Zip Kelly in our battle. Here he leaps forward to kill both a Zombie and Gretel Von X.

The next version of Frank Castle is a little different. Since World War II took a different turn in Secrets of the Third Reich, I figure that Frank would start focusing on killing Zombies rather than gangsters. This version of Frank Castle is one a little later in the story where he’s becoming very good at stopping those “Catch and Release” Nazi Stormtroopers who release Zombies in Allied positions. He’s outfitted with a standard Specical Ability of Lucky, and then we created two abilities to fit our own needs:  (1) Double Tap: Frank gets to double his Shooting Actions when spending AP to fire his .45 Colt, and (2) Zombie Hunter allows him to ad +1 to DD against Zombies. This card is matched with the Punisher Heroclix model shown below.

And the last incarnation, so far, of Frank Castle is a grim sniper armed with a Heavy Machine Gun. Yes, a Heavy Machine Gun. Hey, he’s not wearing an APE suit, but he’s using some of their equipment thanks to Sugger Murphey. This model gets to use the Sniper rules from Secrets of the Third Reich (since most of the Special Abilities from Incursion come straight from the book anyway…) along with Lucky and Ranger. (Ranger gives a -1 penalty to anyone attempting to shoot the model with the ability.)

So there you have it. Our three versions of Frank Castle, the Punisher. I’d like to keep blogging about him, but I have some dice to roll and zombies to kill. There’s a war going on, you know?

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Another unofficial card for Incursion. ‘Nuff said.


Special Agent Abigail Brand is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics’ universe. Her first appearance was a cameo in Astonishing X-Men #3 (2004 series), and she was introduced fully in Astonishing X-Men #6 (2004). She was created by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday.

Abigail Brand is the director of the S.W.O.R.D. and was investigating the Damocles Base of Kang as well as the rest of S.W.O.R.D. when the Kree arrived Earth. She helped contributed in S.W.O.R.D.’s victory over the Kree with her powers and resourcefulness with a help of Sydren,whom she freed him from the Kree.

After the Skrull invasion, Ms. Marvel had mentioned that Brand was able to evacuate all S.W.O.R.D. staff and equipment long before Henry Gyrich (Skrull) blew up Damocles and were ready to hunt down every last Skrull left on Earth.

She is already a character in the Heroclix game, and GreyOwl posted stats for her use in Heroscape, as well.

In Secrets of the Third Reich, I would assign Agent Brand all of the rules for a Sentinel of Liberty. In addition to the typical Sentinel rules, I would also add in Lucky, and Two Guns. She will be rated at 8 RP for an Allied Force. As a background, I would say that she joined the Sentinels to fight off the Alien Menace known to be helping the Axis Forces.

And last but not least, an unofficial Incursion card. My wife and I decided to add her to MI13 to try it out.


These cards are unofficial, and used under house rules. Enjoy.

And these three I downloaded from the Incursion Forum.


Credit where credit is due! These awesome custom cards for Cap and Bucky were posted in this forum thread. Enjoy!


I was pretty tired yesterday after Community Days in DuBois, PA. However, I did have a little time to assemble and basecoat Gretel von X. The model didn’t have many mold lines, at least not any I was going to fret about. It fit together easily, and has a lot of good detail. Should be fun to paint.

Gretel von X and her twin sister Oberst Ilsa von X are the daughters of Hugo. Records of their mother have been purged. They were nine years old when the war began. Hugo von X was even in those early years of the War possessed of feverish visions of the V-4 retrovirus. Believing he had stumbled onto the fountain of youth, von X injected both of his children with an experimental serum derived from a stolen sample of the compound that the Cosmists developed to create the Siberian Supermen. Gretel was the lucky one. She retained her intellect and beauty and became inhumanly strong, fast, and tough. Ilsa became faster and stonger but her skin was marred by the chemical and her face became a mask of horror. Both girls adore their father and stand at his side in support of his goals. They trained in the arts of war throughout their late teen years, becoming brilliant tacticians, leaders, and deadly foes. They would lay down her life without hesitation for their father, SWD, and the Reich. Ilsa commands the defense of Gibraltar with her hordes of Sturmzombies, face hidden behind a mask. Gretel is the operations officer for the Gibraltar compound and Hugo’s right hand.

THE PUNISHER (Frank Castle)

The Punisher is a badass. He is a fictional character, an antihero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita, Sr., and Ross Andru, the character made its first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 (February 1974).

Shortly after a tour in Vietnam, Castle, his wife, Maria and their children were in New York’s Central Park for an afternoon picnic when they witnessed a Mafia gangland execution; an informant had been hanged from a tree. Seeking to eliminate all witnesses, the Costa crime family murdered them on the spot. However, Castle survived. Even though Frank was able to identify all of the shooters the police were unable to help Castle in his quest for justice; they were tied in too deeply to the powerful Costa family. He decided that the only punishment criminals might receive is that of physical destruction. Shortly thereafter, he emblazoned his body armor with a symbol of a death’s head, and exacted his revenge. Since then he has waged a one-man war upon crime, taking the name Punisher.

In an alternate Marvel universe, Castle is the sole member of the Marvel Universe unaffected by a pathogen that transforms its entire metahuman population (as well as baseline humans) into homicidal cannibals (although this is not the Marvel Zombies timeline). Spider-Man, The Blob, Daredevil, The Thing, The Hulk, Iron Man, Magneto, Hawkeye, Cyclops, Kingpin, Scorpion, Namor, Ant-Man, Doctor Octopus, Moon Knight, Emma Frost, Luke Cage, Rogue, Gambit, Iron Fist and others are hunted and killed in a New York City that has been depopulated. At the end, a pregnant Mary Jane Parker looks on aghast as Castle kills Spider-Man.

And, within the pages of Marvel Zombies, Frank takes advantage of the fact that the heroes and law enforcement officers are busy with zombies and he hunts down the super-villain leadership of New York City, the Kingpin, Owl, and Hammerhead. Along the way he allies himself with Ash Williams, who he intends to help battle the zombie threat. When Ash sees him kill the still human criminal trio he becomes disgusted and abandons the Punisher minutes later. This leaves Frank to be attacked by a squad of zombie villains. Frank returns as a zombie and turns Ash’s ally, the Scarlet Witch.

I’ve always liked the Punisher. When he was a Spider Man villian, I still thought he was pretty awesome. Then when I started reading the Punisher comic book back in 1985, I was hooked. Therefore, the idea of adding the Punisher to games of HEROSCAPE was a no brainer.

And then with my recent games of Secrets of the Third Reich and Incursion, I decided that adding the Punisher as a Sentinel of Liberty would be an excellent choice. Besides, since I added in Wilson Fisk as a Mob Boss working for the Russian Forces, why not bring in Frank to shoot the fat man up a little?

I took the Heroclix Punisher model and mounted it on a Armskeeper 30mm base which I bought from FRP Games. I have no yet added any scenic details or flocking yet, although I am considering making it look like he’s leaping behind some metal drums. I haven’t decided just yet. The Heroclix figure cost me a total of $0.49 due to finding it in a bargin bin at Dimension Comics at Pittsburgh Mills. Sweet deal.

Bang! Bang! I got you! No you didn’t!

I figure that the Incursion game stats for the Punisher would be easily based on the M13 character named The Hurricane. And as far as playing him in a game of Secrets of the Third Reich, he would be a Sentinel of Liberty wearing Light Infantry Armor. He’d equip with Light Infantry armor, two pistols, and a pack of grenades. I’d toss him in at about 6 RP due to giving him the aded ablities of Thick Skull, and Combat Monster.

I believe that adding The Punisher into my games will be a blast. (Forgive the pun.) Thanks for reading my silly little blog post today, and I hope that you enjoyed youself. If you have any thoughts on Frank Castle or any of the games that I mentioned above, please let me know.

Until then, Keep Rollin’ Sixes!