The Punisher is the recipient of multi-disciplinary military training from the United States Marine Corps. While a Marine, he also received training from the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy as well as cross-training with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment during the Vietnam War. In addition, since beginning his work as the Punisher, Castle has used his military discipline and training techniques to update and expand his skills in areas that aid in his mission (disguise, acting, use of non-military weapons, etc.). From this training, Punisher is proficient in not only basic infantry skills, but in special operations, which includes the use and maintenance of specialized firearms and explosive ordnance. He is highly trained in infiltration into heavily guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and military intelligence. Also, he is trained in various forms of camouflage and stealth. He is also highly adept at hand-to-hand combat, and has been trained in multiple forms of martial arts. Both Nick Fury and Tony Stark have commented on how extraordinarily high his pain tolerance is. He does not take even over-the-counter painkillers, as he feels that their benefit of dulling pain is not worth the side effects of drowsiness and slowed reflexes.




The streets of New York city becomes a chaotic maze of death when Peter Parker is infected with a chemical weapon called Survivor 118. The infection entered the New York water system but remained dormant for nearly seven months. The world was shocked when they witnessed Spider-Man beat down Rhino, and then devous him on national television.

The Fantastic Four captured Spider-Man and brought together a science team consisting of Reed Richards, Hank Pym, T’Challa, and Hank McCoy to figure out what has happened to him. They learned that Spider-Man’s DNA had been completely rewritten, leaving him as he was but primitive and predatorial human being. Before long, the global epidemic was in full swing, turning people into zombie-like predatory monsters craving human flesh!

Despite what was happening to Spider-Man, life continued normally for Wolverine. That is until Psylocke was kidnapped and then later found completely devoured … eaten like hamburger. As he took up the search for her killer, the world fell apart around him. The second major incident occurred at a Chinese restaurant where the Blob ate twenty-five people inside. Nom nom nom .. Chomp Chomp!

Things started to get worse when the science team realized that the virus had been around for a while, making it almost impossible to keep up with it. Reports started popping up in all five boroughs of New York and some in New Jersey. Reed Richards started to view it as a global threat. Logan was sent to pick up equipment that was shipped to the science team from Utopia, which was supposed to have arrived the day before. He found the shipment in Central Park and killed Angel when he saw that he was infected. Realizing that the infection has spread to Utopia, Wolverine traveled there and killed the infected X-Men.



Though during the 1940s the existence of mutants was unknown to the public, a few individuals were aware of the coming of Homo Superior, and that they had the potential to replace baseline humans as the dominant species of Earth. Thus Weapon Plus was created to address the so-called mutant problem. What was ignored by everyone involved in Weapon Plus is that its mastermind, John Sublime, was actually the host body for a sentient bacteria present on every living creature on the planet, save for mutants, who were genetically immune to the Sublime infection.

Sublime (Marvel Comics)
Sublime (Marvel Comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sublime was the self-appointed name of a sentient bacterial lifeform that arose during the beginnings of life on Earth. With the rise of multicellular lifeforms, Sublime found endless numbers of hosts it could infect. However, mutantkind, immune to Sublime’s infection, eventually arose and multiplied, becoming the first threat to Sublime’s domination.

It was hinted that the very hatred and fear of mutants was caused by Sublime itself. But the bacteria took more direct actions in order to ensure that mutant population would be held in check, if not exterminated, in order to keep it from becoming the dominant species of the planet.

Wolverine, a.k.a. Weapon X (Weapon Ten)
Wolverine, a.k.a. Weapon X (Weapon Ten) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first step was the Weapon Plus Project, Sublime took over a human body, dubbed Dr. John Sublime, and became the director of the Program, overseeing the creation of living weapons created by each installation of the program, from Captain America, Nuke, Wolverine, and Deadpool, to the Sentinels.


For many years, Sublime remained behind the scenes, manipulating the Weapon Plus Project and installing Malcolm Colcord as the Director of Weapon X, which would eventually lead to the so-called War of the Programs between Colcord’s replacement, Agent Brent Jackson, and Sublime, as Weapon X became an independent organization.

Malcolm Colcord
Malcolm Colcord (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Weapon Plus includes the following Projects:

  • Project Rebirth: succeeds in creating Weapon Zero, but subject Clinton McIntyre was placed in suspended animation due to ill effects from the serum.
  • Project Rebirth: succeeds in creating Weapon I, known as Captain America.
  • The Weapon II project was focused entirely on animals. The outcomes of this project remain classified.
  • The Weapon III project ended with the creation of the Cold War Operative known as The Skinless Man.
  • The Weapons IV-V projects experimented on various ethnic groups and prisoners.
  • Project Homegrown focused on experiments with soldiers during the Vietnam War. The only successful result of this testing was a man known as Nuke, who is referred to as simply Weapon Six. However, the UK version of this Project called Black Budget was much more suvvessful, resulting in the creation of several Super Soldiers, namely: Dauntless, Gog, Dreadnaught, Revenge, Victory, Invincible, and Challenger.
  • Weapon VIII focused on the use of drugs and hypnosis to trigger assassins/sleeper agents. This may very well be the basis of the ongoing Secret Avengers storyline, but only time will tell.
  • Weapon IX dealt with the use of cybernetics, powered armors and battlesuits.
  • Weapon X was implemented as a covert government operation by the Canadian government Department K and funded by the U.S. Developed to turn willing and unwilling participants mostly mutants and humans into living weapons. This project resulted in the creation of several Super Soldiers, but is best known for creating the agent known as Wolverine.
  • Weapon XI: No individual with the ‘Weapon XI’ moniker has been seen, but John Sublime has mentioned it. A likely candidate for Weapon XI’s true identity is the Hound, a mutant with the power to hunt and kill other mutants.
  • Weapon XII  produced the Huntsman at the England-based facilities of The World. He was the first living weapon created employing artificial evolution and nanosentinel technology.
  • Weapon XIII: This project created Fantomex whose real name is Charlie Cluster 7, also at The World. However, Fantomex rebelled against his creators and was deemed a failure.
  • Weapon XIV was created in The World by John Sublime using ovaries stolen from Emma Frost to create clones designed to entrap the Phoenix Force in order to use its power to fuel their psychic abilities so they can wipe out all mutants on earth.
  • Weapon XV: This project produced Ultimaton, designed to be the Super-Sentinels’ grand powerhouse. Weapon XV was killed by Weapon X, Wolverine.
  • Weapon XVI: The most recent project of Weapon Plus is that called “Allgod.”  It is called a  “living religion”, a virus that attacks the faith reserves and makes them subservient to The World’s sentience.
Sentinel (comics)
Sentinel (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




This is my touched up semi-repaint of the Heroclix figure Logan. He should be an excellent addition to my growing collection of World War II related superheros. Logan is pictured here scouting out a bombed out building, clearing out the zombies and Axis troopers so that the regular infantry can come in and finish the job planting infra-red tech.

Logan’s involvement in World War II is rather detailed thanks to Marvel Comics and their extensive Weird War storylines. Logan met Nick Fury, Captain America, and Black Widow, while fighting the Nazis in Madripoor and Europe during World War II.

Afterward, Logan participated as a paratrooper for the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, during the Normandy landings on D-Day, as well as the liberation of the Netherlands. Logan may have also been a spy for the Allied Forces and may have spent time in the Sobibor concentration camp in Poland, where he psychologically tortured three commandants by simply never speaking and returning every time they ordered him executed. While at Sobibor, Logan was known as “Prisoner Zero”.

In 1945, Logan unwittingly participated in another landmark of World War II, when he was captured by Japanese soldiers while performing sabotage missions in Japan, where he was sent to a prison camp in Nagasaki. Logan escaped from his cell along with Lt. Ethan Warren, an American soldier who was also captured, and found refuge and love in a local Japanese girl, named Atsuko. Unfortunately, Lt. Warren, himself a mutant, returned and murdered the girl and the two men fought, until both were caught in the atomic blast that destroyed much of the city. Logan survived, but was devastated to lose another woman in his life.

Logan has quite a few abilities that will play nicely with the rules for MI-13 Supernatural Agents. Amusingly enough, he should be a member of Lazarus’s team since both of them are apparently able to take an atomic blast and still walk away from it.

You’ll see more of Logan in future battle reports of Incursion and Secrets of the Third Reich.


These cards are unofficial, and used under house rules. Enjoy.

And these three I downloaded from the Incursion Forum.


Originally applied to any group of infantry primarily armed with projectile weapons, artillery has over time become limited in meaning to refer only to those engines of war that work by projection of munitions far beyond the effective range of personal weapons. These engines include specialised devices which use some form of stored energy to work, whether mechanical, chemical, or electromagnetic. Originally designed to breach fortifications, they have evolved from nearly static installations intended to cut a single obstacle to highly mobile weapons of great flexibility in which now reposes the greater part of a modern army’s offensive capabilities.

Since cannon was developed, the word “artillery” in practice has largely meant cannon; in contemporary usage it usually refers to shell-firing guns, howitzers, mortars, and rockets.

However, in the world of superheroes, the term artillery may include the legendary (and awesome) Fast Ball Special. The Fastball Special is a popular tag-team move in superhero fiction. In a Fastball Special, a hero with superhuman strength literally throws a (usually) willing partner toward a target. The maneuver first appeared in the Marvel Comics series Uncanny X-Men #100, when Wolverine had Colossus hurl him in a battle. It quickly became a favorite tactic of the two heroes. It has also since been used by many superheroes, (i.e. Spider-Man and X-23 VS. Iron Maniac), some from companies other than Marvel.

The Fastball Special was perfected and is most commonly used by Colossus and Wolverine of the X-men. The attack allows Wolverine to reach speeds much faster than he ever could on his own, causing him to do much more damage when he enters the battlefield. It also allows him get to areas that he couldn’t before, such as extreme heights or distances. In the move, Colossus holds Wolverine in his hands and throws him with as much force as he can muster. Sometimes the throw is like a javelin and other times it looks like a baseball pitch, but the result is the same. The size difference between the two heroes involved makes this move easier than when it is tried with others. Colossus is very big so a small Wolverine fits right in his hand.

Heroclix makes a model of this, and it’s pretty damn cool. The problem is that it’s (of course) a rare model and usually costs around $24 which is a little more than I am willing to spend just to use a single model for casual games of Heroclix, Herscape, or Weird War games like Secrets of the Third Reich and Incursion.

Heroclix sells a Feat card for the Fastball special that usually costs under $1.00 if you’re interested. You can find it on eBay or at Troll & Toad for sure.

In Heroscape, GreyOwl has done all the work for us. The custom cards for Colossus and Wolverine are featured below, and I am fairly certain that G won’t mind me sharing his work. The Fast Ball Special is added to Colossus’s card as a Special Ability.

Here’s my best try at making the model for myself. WOLVIE is pinned to a brass rod that can be removed from the cork set into COLOSSUS’S base. That way I can use my other WOLVERINE figure for when Mr. Weapon X lands and starts slashing his enemies.

I was playing around with making a custom card for Wolverine and Colossus as an Artillery Team for Incursion. I’ll probably update the card now that Jim has given permission on the forums (and to me by email) to make custom cards for Incursion.

If you have any ideas of how to stat out Colossus and Wolverine as a team in Incursion and Secrets of the Third Reich, add a comment. I’m very interested in hearing your ideas.

Until then, Keep Rollin’ Sixes!