Iron Woman

In this group, there was several custom M:CP characters. One of them is “Iron Woman” so I used that opportunity to convert my spare Iron Man miniature using the torso from Captain Marvel. The pose is a little odd because of how the two model’s parts ended up matching up. So either she’s just landing…


I started working on Enchantress again! I had stashed her in a block of foam after a game and she didn’t make her way back to my painting tray until a few days ago.

Batman, Robin & Joker

Legion Miniatures has been making D C Comics miniatured in the M:CP scale and even create custom M:CP cards for them. I’ve bought a few of these minis from Jotenheim Studios on Etsy. They have sharp, detailed prints and ship their orders on time. Also, you can find some custom D C Comics M:CP cards…


I finally finished my Juggernaut miniature!