Cade Ufgood was born in the settlement of Shoun in Luiren. His parents, Warwick and Tarda Ufgood, were goat farmers. When he was 4, his sister Willow was born. His Mother died in childbirth, and soon after his Father turned to drink. In only a few months, his Father lost the farm and they moved into a dirty lean-to made of sticks outside of town, and the children’s only interaction with people was a wet nurse from the local temple who fed them twice a day.

Cade was sold into slavery by his father at the age of 8. The child was relocated with his new masters to the impoverished city of Delthuntle in Aglarond. He became a butcher, working for a cruel man named Ortiz. Cade learned to cut and prepare a vast range of different meat, especially for the wealthy royalty and nobles. The meats included venison, beef, pork, veal, goat, lamb, rabbit, hare, mutton, swans, herons and poultry. After ten years of servitude, he earned his freedom.

He had never stopped thinking about his little sister, Willow. He decided to put his paticular skill set with knives to work for him earning coin. He traveled with caravans for awhile, acting as a scout and guard. He worked for several years, riding the Trade Way from Memnon to Waterdeep and East and back the length of Elturgard.

During this time he was proselytized by a cleric of Helm, named Davos. Cade and the paladin talked often during their journeys along the roads of Faerun. Although Cade was not a man of faith, he agreed with the ways and ideals of Helm.

One night, Cade’s caravan was attacked by a band of thieves. The robbers were great in number, and overwhelmed the caravan, killing everyone. By dumb luck, Cade survived, stabbed and left to die.

Cade hunted the men, tracking them to a nearby village. He foud them at one of the taverns, and slaughtered them like animals. He was arrested and sent to Nevrwinter for trial where he was sentenced to five years hard labor. However, Sir Davos arrived and petitioned for Cade’s life. He was taken to Helm’s Hold where he was tutored in the ways of Vengeance. He swore an oath to Helm to eradicate Evil and punish the Wicked. For five years, he studied under the Chief Speaker.

About two years ago, Cade received a vision that his sister was in Waterdeep. He left Helm’s Hold and sought out his sister whose trail led to the Three Pearls Nightclub. He learned that his sister had gotten into trouble with a local crime boss, and was sold into slavery to a reknown Drow slaver named Nerelas.

Willow had been one of the many entertainers making her rounds in the better establishments of Waterdeep within Nerelas’s troupe. After the show, Cade attempted to get back stage to see his sister, but was hindered by several of the ruffians working to tame the crowd in the club. He was put out into the street.

In the back alley of the Pearl, Cade discovered a group of men who were harassing a young woman. Cade intervened, and a fight ensued. When the City Guard arrived, three men were dead by Cade’s blades. Not just dead: butchered. Of course, one of dead was also a member of the City Guard who was off duty.

Cade was tried for Murder Of A City Watchman and sentenced to five years imprisonment in the prisons of  Castle Waterdeep. There were many dungeons beneath the castle, mainly used for storage, and could accommodate up to 540 prisoners in 90 cells.

After serving about three months, Cade was made an offer he could not refuse. He was taken to a small room where he introduced to a man named Jardwim. Cade was offered “freedom” at a cost of service working for a secret organization called “Force Grey” or the “Gray Hands.”

He remained incarcerated, being moved around from cell to cell on a regular basis, assigned to kill certain key targets by Jardwin. Each target was a vile creature, escaping true punishment. He was more than happy to follow orders, eliminating the wicked and despised one by one.

After another three months, Cade was released from the dungeons of Castle Ward. He would need to check in with Jardwim at least once a month. If his services were required, Cade would serve “Force Grey” without question. Cade was just happy to be free once again. And so, fresh out of the dungeons of Castle Waterdeep, Cade plans to gather enough coin pay his sister’s debt and buy her freedom.


Cade Ufgood: Background

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