Solomon’s Articles


I. Every member of the crew has a vote in Affairs of Moment, with a breaking of tie to be made by the Captain. A prize gained by the crew shall be equally shared by the crew. However, the law of NO PREY, NO PAY remains in effect.

II. You will not defraud or steal from the crew. To do so is punishable as follows: (First Offense) Repayment of Theft (Second Offense) Also, the Slitting the ears and nose of him that was guilty (Third Offense) Marooning in addition to the previous two punishments.

III. No person shall game at cards or dice for money while on ship. This includes wagering.

IV. The lights and candles to be put out at twenty bells nightly: if any of the crew, after that hour still remained inclined for drinking, they shall do it on the open deck without a light.

V. All shall keep their weapons clean and fit for service. Keep the powder dry and the edges sharp.

VI. Any crew being found guilty of threatening, harming, or seducing a child or woman while on or off sea, shall be punished by the Captain. The punishment shall be Death.

VII. The crew will earn their keep. Abandonment of a duty or post without permission will result in punishment determined by the Captain.

VIII. No striking one another on board, but every man’s quarrels to be ended on shore, at sword and pistol. (The quarter-master of the ship, when the parties will not come to any reconciliation, accompanies them on shore with what assistance he thinks proper, and turns the disputant back to back, at so many paces distance; at the word of command, they turn and fire immediately, (or else the piece is knocked out of their hands). If both miss, they come to their cutlasses, and then he is declared the victor who draws the first blood.)

IX. Any crewman may end their service by granting a gift to the crew of one thousand gold coins.

X. Any crewman found to be in violation of entering Restricted Areas without permission shall be punished. Punishmnet shall be set by the Captain.

XI. Every person who shall offend against any of these articles shall be punished with death, or in such other manner as the ship’s company shall think proper