The Ones Who Walk

Legends from the oldest monk traditions speak of The One Who Walks. This monk stands on the edge of enlightenment empowered with the Spark passed from master to master. The One Who Walks follows the ancient tradition of the Sun and Moon, bringing Ki into perfect union with body and mind. The One Who Walks wanders the Earth seeking a single student to pass the Spark to in order to continue the tradition. When the Spark is passed on, the master can finally gain true enlightenment and pass on from the mortal realm.

The One Who Walks explained to them that he was breaking tradition to empower them during their quest to dethrone Lolth. He granted a fragment of his power to each of them, explaining that at the end of their quest they would need to find a suitable monk to pass the power on to continue the tradition. For now, they are the Ones Who Walk, gifted with ancient powers.


Lough Littlehand, Way of the Shadow

Shensheng Cibie, Way of the Sun Soul

Zhang Sanfeng, Way of the Open Hand

Tayming, Way of the Long Death

Jet-Lee, Way of the Open Hand

Dorn, Way of the Four Elements

Rowen, Way of Shadow

Thul, Way of the Open Hand