Dramatis personæ (Latin: “persons of the drama”) is a phrase used to refer collectively, in the form of a list, to the main characters in a dramatic work. In this case, the persons listed here are Non-Playing Characters.

In a tabletop role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons, a None-Playing Character (NPC) is a fictional character portrayed by the Gamemaster. If player characters form the narrative’s protagonists, non-player characters can be thought of as the “supporting cast” or “extras” of a roleplaying narrative.





CAPTAIN SOLOMON NEGAN:  Pirate captain of “The Lucille.” The is a complicated man, both cruel and honorable. He has earned the respect of his crew time and time again, but also uses fear to keep them in line. His word is Law. Carries a magical club. He is obessed with obtaining a Ring of Wishes that he believes as lost on a sucluded island called Albion. Legend has it that he was started his career as a privateer sailing the waters of far off Kara-Tur in the Koxakura region. This is where he met and befriended a tribe of Aarakocra. These strange birdfolk creatures remain his allies, dozens of them serving as the majority of his crew. They mainly tend to the sails and rigging. Also, these creatures do most of the navigating from their high perches in the topmasts, yards, and crow’s nests.

Current Clack:  Solomon sent his the deckcrew on the Blue Box Job, leaving the ship to head into the Castle Ward the evening of 13 Hammer, 1491. Only a few people know that he was meeting with a local noblewoman named Lavina Vanderboren. It would seem that Solomon is trying to play both sides of the fence. This may be why he was so adamant that the deckcrew not “screw this up.”




ZEED AND THE AARAKOCRA: Legend has it that Captain Negan saved the life of a Arakocra elder named Zeed. Since that time, Zeed and his family has protected the Captain as a Life Debt. They serve on his ship, mainly acting as navigators. Even when perched on a high mast or at rest in the riggings, they appear alert, with eyes moving and bodies ready to take flight.

Current Clack: Zeed hates Dark Elves. Therefore, he’s gone out of his way to annoy and harass Matrim. This recently resulted in the murder of the Quartermaster in an “accident” intended for the Dark Elf Rogue.  On 14 Hammer, 1941 Zeed had a conflict with Machiavelli when the mercenary defied and openly challenged the authority of Solomon. Zeed now hates Machiavelli and openly spends his time watching the decks for an opportnity to end the man’s miserable life for good.




SMEE AND THE SEA DOGS: The Sea Dogs are a small group of ne’er-do-wells who have served with Solomon for many years. The oldest of the Dogs is a strange little man named Smee. He is cruel and wicked, happliy carrying out orders for the Captain. Smee is a man who loves violence.

The Sixty-Six Sea Dogs were pirates who once served with Negan when he was still a privateer in Kara-Tur. After Negan retired, he returned to Faerûn and took up pirating to make a living. Most of Negan’s former crew signed on, agreeing to follow the Captain. There were ten men that had served Negan for over ten years on the Lucille : Smee, Negan’s right hand man; Cecco, a brutal man who carves designs into the skin of his victims; Noodler, the ship’s musician and bard; Morgan, a giant man who leads the boarding parties; Mason, a buccaneer from Luskan;  Scourie a skinny man from VolothampJeffery Dance, revenue officer; John McDonalds, the ship’s cook; Jake Arrow, rumkeeper and resident drunk; Abraham Gray, carpenter; and Avery, priest and medical officer. Along with them were  22 other pirates, each handpicked by one of the ten to serve on the ship. Lastly there was the gun crew, 32 hard men led by the odd toothless fellow named Pew. Ragnir rounded out the pirates, making the 66th Sea Dog.

Current Clack: On 14 Hammer, 1491 Smee thoughtlessly gave Hapax a set of keys that have now been wax-pressed. The Minotaur plans to ask Tia to make a key out of the wax impression … if he remembers.




ROWYN: Leader of the Lotus Flowers street gang. She was once a member in good standing of Calimport’s Thieves Guild (House Basadoni) but she went rogue and started her own rival organization about six months ago.


SOLLER VARK: Mercenary thug protecting the Blue Nixie while it is in dry dock. Well known criminal in Calimport. He recently started working with the Lotus Flower street gang as an Enforcer.

Current Clack: Vark was found dead on the evening of Hammer 13, 1491. He and nine of his associates were killed during what appeared to be a raid on The Blue Nixie, a ship recently purchased by local Entrepreneur Lavina Vanderboren. The City Watch believes it is another incident related to underworld gangs seeking to control the smuggling trade with the capital city.



dividerskull2 laviniav

Lavina Vanderboren: Lavinia is an attractive, young woman in her early twenties. Graceful, well-mannered, and highly confident. Her long, strawberry blond hair is immaculately well-kept and often worn pulled back.  She carries a beautiful, masterwork, swept-hilt rapier that bears her family seal into combat. She recently purchased The Blue Nixie with some assistance from the Dawn Guild. She plans to develop her family inheritance, a mysterious island called Albion.

Current Clack: Lavina hired a small group of thugs to guard The Blue Nixie while waiting for the Dawn Guild to release it from dry dock. Because she is having money issues right now, she chose Vark because his services were relatively inexpensive. On Hammer 13 1491, the Blue Nixie was  raided and several documents were stolen from a secret room within the ship. Lavinia is greatly dismayed because these documents contained all the deeds and information from her family inheritance.

Current Clack: On the afternoon of 15 Hammer 1491, the Blue Pixie sailed into Calimport Bay for a sea trial, or shakedown. The ship exploded, killing the entire crew. Lavina is assume to be dead although he body was not recovered. The City Watch is presently investigating the cause of the explosion, but terrorism is suspected.



John Morrissey LaValle: One of the many Uncles of Guild House Basadoni, he manages those guild members below him. He is responsible for both Daehir and Matrim.

Current Clack: On Hammer 15, 1491 he sent a package to Matrim and Daehir, requesting that they stay in contact.



Nemien Roblach: This flamboyant gentleman tends to attract attention because of his exuberance, confidence, and stylishness. He is handsome, but smarmy with a closely cropped beard and overly waxed mustache. He was discovered on the Lucille after the ship was had been out to sea for three days.

Current Clack: He was discovered by Demulah on the afternoon of 18 Hammer, 1941. She trapped him in a supply room below decks, and then alerted the Captain. Upon returning, they discovered that he had stowed away on the ship with the intention of taking command of The Lucille. He was killed while trying to escape the ship.