The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Why should you ever want to go to Karameikos? There’s nothing there – no comfort, no big cities, no luxury, no good food nor wine. Just superstitious natives.” Boris Gorevitch, Nobleman

Karameikos is a deep, dark mostly wilderness land. It is located on the south shore of the continent of Brun, west of Thyatis and east of the Five Shires; to the north, broad mountain ranges separate the nation from The Republic of Darokin and The Emirates of Ylaruam. Most of Karameikos is covered with thick forests, hardwoods and softwoods, and is largely unexplored. There are broad patches of rich soil, especially beside the broad Highreach River.

The capital city of Specularum is a thriving and very active seaport with around 50,000 inhabitants; other notable sites are the city of Kelvin and the town of Threshold, in the northern hill country, a haven for adventurers surrounded by humanoid-inhabited wilderness.

Some thirty years ago, a Thyatian Duke named Stefan Karameikos III traded his vast family fortune and homeland to The Emperor for a clear, autonomous title to what was considered the uncivilized lands, thus naming it after his family. He moved in with his own army and followers, purging the land of savages, barbarians, and beast-men. He began an aggressive program of road building, citadel construction, and other fortification. Although there is still a vast swath of the kingdom that is wild and untamed, Stefan has established a large kingdom for his people.