The Kingdom of Equestria, or simply Equestria, is located within the Outer Plane known as The Beastlands, formerly known as “The Happy Hunting Grounds.” The inhabitants of this plane are celestial beasts, primarily Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi.

The Beastlands is a plane of nature unbound, of forests ranging from moss-hung mangroves to snow-laden pines, of thick jungles where the branches are woven so tight that no light penetrates, of vast plains where grains and wildflowers wave in the wind with vibrant life. The plane embodies nature’s wildness and beauty, but it also speaks to the animal within all living things.

As an Outer Plane, the Beastlands are spatially infinite, further consisting of three infinite layers (or sub-planes). The Beastlands first layer shares borders with the neighboring planes of the Olympian Glades of Arborea and the Blessed Fields of Elysium; travel is possible between the Beastlands and these planes at certain locations, usually through a Color Pool or a Gateway. 

Water-Divider-LineEquestria was founded when the three pony tribes (the Pegasi, Unicorns and the Earth Ponies), joined together in order to beat back the windigos and to prevent an eternal blizzard. This event is celebrated as “Hearth’s Warming Eve”, this holiday is the equivalent of the December holidays.





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