Earth 616 …


Steve Rogers is transported to Dimension Z on his 90th birthday. Steve finds himself strapped into an operating table. In that moment, Arnim Zola appears before him, welcoming Steve to the Dimension Z. Alongside Steve is a baby inside a large glass tube. Zola injects Steve with a large syringe, intending to extract a sample of his blood. Steve frees himself from the table and recovers his uniform and shield. As Zola’s mutates surround him, Cap jumps through a window and escapes.

Zola realizes that Captain America has taken the baby with him. The boy is Zola’s son. As he talks with a young girl, his daughter, Zola reveals that he wanted to extract the Super-Soldier Serum for his children. Believing Captain America has killed his son, Zola summons his mutates, telling them to bring Captain America to him.

Captain America tries to escape Dimension Z on a jet, but the jet is shoot down by enemy forces. Escaping the wreckage, Captain America decides to protect Zola’s son and find another way to escape. He names the boy Ian, and vows to raises him and deliver him to Earth 616 somehow …




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