1949: Secrets of the Third Reich


An exhaustive infantry and vehicle combat ruleset that seamlessly scales from squad to platoon level actions in the weird WWII era. 1949 Orders of Battle for Germany, USA, Great Britain, and the USSR including characters, troops, mechs, and a complete range of historical and post 1944 vehicles such as tanks, tank destroyers, halftracks, trucks, and field pieces. Richly detailed background describing how the world took a turn for the weird that plants your combat boots firmly in the Gotterdammerung of 1949.

Fast-paced scenarios and game play guidelines. Set your games in a radiation zone or V-gas contamination zone. Play under a full moon or in a raging thunderstorm. Race for the objective as the very pits of hell open up and disgorge demons onto the battlefield. Rules to design your own Mecha! Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires galore.

This is Gotterdammerung.



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  1. D. Soelh says:

    Some truly superb articles about sotr 1949



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