If you are playing through Tomb of Annihilation (or planning to do so) you should watch this episode of Survivorman from the Grenada Jungle. Excellent source material for ideas while your players have their characters within the Chult jungles!





Port Nyanzaru is the lone civilized hub on a vast peninsula of great wealth. Many factions would like to tap into that wealth, and they all have agents vying for influence in the city or scouting the jungle for opportunities. The Factions are each represented by a single powerful and influential leader who is on good terms with the Merchant Princes. These representatives are commonly called “The Six” and meet for Council meetings in Goldenthrone, an old, regal Amnian palace overlooking
the bay under the watchful eyes of the Merchant Princes and their minions.

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An atropal is an undead titan creature that resembles an overgrown, dead human fetus. Notable physical traits include rotten skin, patches of exposed muscle tissue, clawed hands, and feet, razor-sharp teeth and eyeholes that have been fused shut. Also of particular note, an atropal will usually have an umbilical cord still dangling from its belly.

An atropal is a weapon and nothing else. They were created during the Dawn War when the gods fought against the primordials. The Dawn War began when the mad god Tharizdun marshaled the primordials against the gods in a bid for universal domination. In his madness, Tharizdun attempted to create life resulting in the nightmarish atropals. Seeing that his creations were faulty, he sealed them away within the Far Realm to be forgotten. Some, however, have been allowed to roam free across the planes, bringing death and destruction everywhere they go.

Atropal are thought to be immortal and unable to be truly killed. Atropals lack eyes, yet they can still perceive their surroundings just as accurately as any sighted being, in fact, they are believed to have True Sight allowing them to see the true forms of beings and objects. They are undead creatures able to bolster others of their kind, using an ability that creates a terrible miasma that can swiftly kill living creatures and repair undead creatures. An Atropal can also sap the life force of living creatures to empower themselves.

Sometime in the late 15th century D.R., an atropal was found drifting in the Negative Energy plane by the lich Acererak and was brought to the Tomb of the Annihilation in Chult to be nourished by an artifact known as the Soulmonger, which caused the onset of the death curse.

Z … is for … ZORBO #A2ZChallenge

A Zorbo is a small, unaligned monstrosity native to Chult. These monsters are about three feet tall and resemble raccoons or koala bears Dungeons & Dragons depending on coloration and markings. In the game, they first appeared in first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the first set of Monster Cards (1982). The zorbo then appeared in the original Monster Manual II (1983).

A zorbo is a devious, meat-eating beast that enjoys humanoid flesh. A zorbo can temporarily absorb the natural properties of items in its surroundings, gaining protection as if it were covered by the hardness of wood, metal, or stone. A zorbo can also gain the protection and defensive bonuses of a protective item worn by an opponent that it strikes, such as armor, shield, or magic item; this item turns into dust.

If encountered, it is best to avoid a Zorbo altogether. Just pray that it is not hungry.


Y … is for … YELLOW MUSK CREEPER #atozchallenge

A Yellow Musk Creeper is a plant creature in Dungeons & Dragons first appearing in 1981 in the module “Dwellers of the Forbidden City.”  The plant is very hard to identify because it camouflages itself within other plant life. The creature waits until a living creature comes close enough and then it sprays its pollen into the air. The pollen can have two effects to either charm or incapacitate so that the plant can use its deadly tendrils to bore into the victim’s head. Once the victim is dead, a bulb is deposited into the victim’s head and slowly turns into a zombie. These zombies are referred to as “Yellow Musk Creeper Zombies.”  The zombies serve to protect the Creeper and ultimately serve to transport the bulb to different locations to propagate more Creepers.



X … is for … XVART


xvart (pronounced “Zart”) – also known as svart and xivort – is a small fictional humanoid creature found in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Many gamers recognize the creature from the popular video game Baldur’s Gate, based on the Forgotten Realms setting. The Xvart was first introduced to D&D in 1978 in White Dwarf #9. They were based on beings appearing in a book called The Weirdstone of Brisingamon. 

Xvarts are cowardly and easily intimidated on their own so they usually work in large groups. They were generally hateful creatures. Their short, miserable lives led them to despise most creatures and take out their angst on anyone and anything they could; but they particularly enjoyed tormenting larger creatures, in particular, goliaths and half-orcs.

These vile little monsters worship RAXIVORT, a servant of the demon lord Grazzt. His symbol is a fiery blue hand. He was the Master of Slaves for Grazzt until one day he betrayed his master. He stole a powerful artifact known as the Infinity Spindle and created the Xvarts as imperfect duplicates of himself in an attempt confuse those tracking him. Raxivort’s realm, the Black Sewers, is in Pandesmos, one of the layers of Pandemonium.

Raxivort teaches that might makes right. If xvarts are not strong enough to prevail, the proper course of action is to retreat and return with reinforcements. He advises patience, and advocates any means—lying, cheating, theft, enslavement—to survive. With patience, one can still triumph in the end.

Xvarts are obsessed with stealing gold and other treasure from passersby in the hopes of winning the favor of Raxivort. Should the favor of Raxivort be won the demon god will appear and steal all of the Xvart’s treasure, granting it Warlock abilities in return. Such a Xvart becomes a Shaman of its tribe. Shamans of Raxivort wear special stilts that elevate them to a height of five feet. Over these, they wear long black robes and a mask of gold or gilded copper. The stilts are worn only on ceremonial occasions. Xvart shamans are tasked with ensuring that their tribe follows the teachings of Raxivort.