Gazit was born Mordechai Weinstein in Normandy. His father, Samuel, died in a mysterious lab accident, leading to his mother, Auntera, moving to England to reside with her brother, Moses. Moses introduced Mordechai to the profession of moneylending and tax collecting. In his spare time, Mordechai studied Alchemy, following in his father’s footsteps. His prize possession, even to this day, is his father’s copy of The Arabic Book of the Composition of Alchemy wherein his father also included his own personal discoveries of formulae.

As a Gnome, Mordechai can trace his racial lineage back to the mysterious realm of the fey, a place where colors are brighter, the wildlands wilder, and emotions more primal. Unknown forces drove the ancient Gnomes from that realm long ago, forcing them to seek refuge in this world; despite this, the gnomes have never completely abandoned their fey roots or adapted to mortal culture. As a result, gnomes are widely regarded by the other races as alien and strange.

Mordechai is small even for a Gnome, standing just under 3 feet in height. His hair is white with streaks of purple resembling wildflowers in bloom. Similarly, his flesh tone has a slightly purple hue, frequently mistaken for a sign of illness. His highly mutable facial characteristics, including an overly large mouth and eyes, can be both disturbing and stunning, leading to his benefit (from time to time) in the court of King Edward I.

Mordechai serves in Edward’s court as an official representative of the Gnomish community from whom Edward had been borrowing money to fund his wars. Edward was highly indebted to the Gnomes.  During his reign, Edward fought with his father in the Baron’s War against Simon de Montfort, against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Prince of Wales, against the French, and against the Scots.  All of these wars cost money which was provided largely by moneylending. However, by 1275, the Gnomish community’s resources had been exhausted when the Statute of 1275 was passed. Although it has been 14 years, many Gnomes still refuse to adhere to the Law. This has solidified Mordechai’s position within the court, acting as many Gnomes believe, as a traitor to his own kind in service to the Crown.

The Statute of 1275 outlawed usury in every form. Debtors of Gnomes (including Edward I himself) were no longer liable for certain debts. Gnomes were not allowed to live outside certain cities and towns, and those above the age of seven had to wear a yellow badge of felt on exterior clothing. Lastly, Gnomes were licensed to buy farmland to make their living for the next 15 years and could thenceforth make a living in England only as merchants, farmers, craftsmen or soldiers.

Although Mordechai’s profession was that of a moneylender, his true love is that of Alchemy. He happily put aside his career as a moneylender to settle down in London as an licensed Apothecary.

Whenever possible, he retires to his humble domicile which acts as his laboratory. Secreted away in his smoky basement, he gleefully experiments with mutagens, extracts, and chemicals. He captures his own magic potential within the liquids and brews he creates, infusing his chemicals with virulent power to grant him impressive skill with poisons, explosives, and all manner of self-transformative magic.

Although he excels at making mundane items like tindertwigs and alchemist fire, Mordechai’s true obsession lies in fashioning magical potion-like extracts in which he can store spell effects. Being a Gnome and having a connection to the fey, he already has the ability to use Gnome Magic. Using this nature racial trait, he is able to take things a step further, pouring magic into his experiments. In effect, he prepares magic spells by mixing ingredients into a number of extracts, and then “casts” his spells by drinking the extract. When Mordechai creates an extract or bomb, he infuses the concoction with a tiny fraction of his own magical power—this enables the creation of powerful effects, but also binds the effects to the creator.

Mordechai sees his role in Edward’s court as a means to an end. He assists the Crown in negotiating with the Gnomish community, enforcing the 1275 Statute, and seeking out “secret moneylenders” still operating in Edward’s kingdom.

He knows what he wants and will manipulate the system to achieve those ends, no matter the consequence. He wishes to better Gnome society at all costs – and believes that adherence to the King’s law is the only way.  He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion when it comes to enforcing the law.