Simon the Sorceror is an extremely egotistic man who cares for nothing more than fame, fortune, and a life of comfort. Despite these self-centered traits, he is shown to be very caring to anyone on his team. He tries to be funny and comedic. Sometimes he cheers up his companions … or makes things worse. His egotistic and unique personality allows him to be the comic relief when things get rough. He is a shortest and stockiest of the group and is constantly patting his protruding belly. On a daily basis, he wears a blue and white striped shirt along with an orange bandanna around his neck. Over this he usually wears a light travelling cloak tied at the nape with a gold colored clasp. He wears black gloves and boots, along with a belt with a bright silver pentagram icon.

He is a member of a party of adventurers which includes: Toral Daysleeper the Assassin, Witch Hunter Quintus qui Calcibus Canibus, Reticivbad Rolias the Gnome, Arnost the Alchemist, Kram the Barbarian, Falken von Hockendorn the mounted warrior, and Dryoli the Elven Ranger accompanied by Harambe the lore-friendly Gorilla.

After many adventures, Simon has decided to leave his companions for awhile, deciding instead to partner with Lord Arzuros. They started out as scoundrels however they have slowly become diobolical villains. Simon knows that the world is a rough place and sometimes you have to carve out a living. However, these “heroes” have recently started to gleefully revel in murder and mayhem. Simon was more than happy to strike blows against the Temple of Moloch. He felt that any small evils done in that crusade served the greater good to overcome larger evils. He happily participated in the slaughtering of Saurlos the Salamander and The Ifrit, Fieros. Both creatures were evil, and he was happy to assist in ending their lives. And Simon even enjoyed “Justice Day” assuming that Quintus really was rooting out evil folk in the city. However, as time as gone on, Simon has started to realize that these folk he calls friends are bad apples, evil at their core. At least this is what it seems right now. Maybe the various ambushes by boggards and other craturs have taken a toll on them. But it seems to Simon that they have allowed intense paranoia to creep into their minds and spirits. This paranoia has caused them to commit egregious crimes that seem to have no ending. Just when Simon believes they have sunk as low as they will be able, they do something even more atrocious. The murder of children, killing of allies like the merchant, the slaying of hayloft farmers, cooperation with a vile manticore, and most recently the outright murder of several friendly soliders in the employ of Arzuros and the Temple. He has felt his own soul being currupted by these monsters, and now must leave them. He has to leave them before he, too, slips into madeness and becomes monstrous. He wishes them luck in their travels and hopes to someday join them again. However, he fears that they are unredeemable, and in the end he will join with other companions to hunt down the evil that his friends have become. Because, it seems, his friends are the true threat to the Temple.