Immik is a powerful entity worshiped by the citizens of Tophet, a small village North of the Somber Woods on the islands of Parepidaymos (par-ep-id’-ay-mos) in the Land of Nod. Immik is described as a mighty angel whose very body burns with flames. He is the Lord of Flame, Bringer of Fire, and Sacred Master of the Fivefold Secrets.

Immik’s Hunger spell



Kids like to play Dungeons & Dragons too. I started playing when I was young, and never had the option to play a child or adolescent character. And now that I’m one of the Dungeon Masters for our local group, I’ve has several young people sit at my table to play. Even my son, 7, loves to play although he’s lacking the patience right now.

So I decided to use the Homebrew features on D&D Beyond to create a Human Child race option. This allows kids to assume the role of young adventurers, much like the knuckleheads in the D&D Cartoon, who act and think like kids because … well … they are kids.


I have been slowly adding some PDF documents to DM’s Guild. I can’t promise that any of its any good. It’s just stuff that I have used in my homebrew games of Dungeons & Dragons. Maybe someone else will get some use out of it. Each one is $1 for a PDF download.

GRIMDARK is in its third edition right now. It is a variant rules system that allows you to play a “grim and gritty” version of D&D 5th edition. The system features low hit point totals, changes to how armor works, and new rules for resting

DM Rich discusses the artful use of a Total Party Knock Out to replace the traditional TPK.

This Special Reference Document discusses the issue of Resurrection in games of D&D 5th edition and suggests ways to make bringing back the dead an essential part of a story.
Avast, ye scury seadogs! There be Murderhobos on the high seas!
This Special Reference Document provides information from DM Rich’s pirate-themed campaign called “Really Bad Eggs.” You’ll discover arcana about a Planejamming ship named the Lucille, a full pirate crew, and several charts and tables to allow a DM to randomly roll pirate booty during the next adventure on the high seas!  Check it out. You might even find some sinister secrets to use during the upcoming “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” campaign.

Thanks for taking a look at my DM’s Guild stuff. I’ve been working through some intense mental health issues since October 2018 and writing seems to be a good coping skill for me to help with grounding and focus.


This Very Rare magical device is a Wonderous Item which allows its user to create a protective sheath around the target creature that emulates its native planar environment.  The sheath appears as a glowing translucent bubble. The bubble provides all the basic needs the target requires while on a different Plane of Existence. For example, the bubble would provide food, water, air, shelter, and protection from heat while within the Elemental Plane of Fire.  The sheath is a 10-ft.-radius emanation from the touched target creature. The bubble lasts for 2 hours. 

This device requires attunement to use as described in the section “Magic Items” in the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. 

Attuning to an item requires a creature to spend a short rest focused on only that item while being in physical contact with it (this can’t be the same short rest used to learn the item’s properties). This focus can take the form of weapon practice (for a weapon), meditation (for a wondrous item), or some other appropriate activity. If the short rest is interrupted, the attunement attempt fails. Otherwise, at the end of the short rest, the creature gains an intuitive understanding of how to activate any magical properties of the item, including any necessary command words.”