The Louisiana Ghostbusters are proud to announce that on February 9th, 2014 the above-pictured and donated proton pack along with a Matty-Collector Ghost Trap and PKE Meter will be practically given away in a charity incentive donation drive.

Read more about it right HERE.


KMK Designs

KMK is a mother/daughter collaboration in cold Minnesota who are dedicated to create things that bring imagination to life … “Imagination Incarnate” … by making beautiful clothes for women of every size. They create outfits from gorgeous Bridal gowns to fancy everyday wear. We love Neo-Victorian, Lolita and Gothic. They have their own Etsy store and can also be found on Facebook.


At TempleCon, Steampunk 2010 was big. There were a lot more people in costume, and many more vendors offering Steampunky wares and costumes. Many of the costumes were topped off, literally, with period appropriate hats. One possible source of quality Steampunky hats would be the Bollman Hat Company located in good old Pennsylvania. Located in Adamstown, the Bollman’s factory offers an outlet store at 3017 N. Reading Road. You can contact them online here or give them a call at 717-484-4361. The company rolls out about 70,000 hats a year under several brand names, the most popular being KANGOL. I am simply amused by the stories that are included with the hats. For example, the 1880’s topper hat includes a story of John Hetherington and how he was fined £500 for wearing “a tall structure having a shining luster calculated to frighten timid people.” Check them out, they might have the hat for you!