Last year, my awesome wife gave me a huge box of Dwarven Forge tiles from the Kickstarter. She got me five sets plus all the extras that came with it. That’s a lot of stuff!

I’ve been collecting Dwarven Forge terrain for a while now. I have two Cavern Sets, 3 Ogre Dens, 2 Room & Passage sets, 2 Classic Dungeon Room sets, 1 Fantasy Floor set, 1 Wicked Editions set, 1 Wicked Editions #2 set, 1 Narrow Passage set, 2 Octagonal Room sets and 1 Sci-Fi Alpha Expansion set. I also ordered four sets of the six-piece 6″ x 6″ floors.

The Zombies were a challenge for all of the Heroes despite their amazing Sentinel rules.

But the cool thing about these Kickstarter tiles is the fact that they are made of a material that is nearly impossible to break. And that’s awesome seeing that I have a two-year-old who loves puzzles and really, really likes to play with my Dwarven Forge stuff.

So I started painting them this weekend. I have finished 40 pieces. The awesome part is there’s so many more to go.

Left to Right: Unpatined black, Drybrushed with Gray, and then Dryburshed with Gray and Brown.
Left to Right: Unpainted black, dry brushed with Gray, and then Dry brushed with Gray and Brown with blood drops.
Green Devil Door
Green Devil Door
Pillars, still a Work in Progress, left one is unpainted. Right one is drybrushed with Gray.
Pillars, still a Work in Progress, left one is unpainted. The right one is dry brushed with Gray and Brown.
Two half-walls and a pedestal. Basecoated with Gray, dry brushed with Brown and then Bone.




“Dwarven Forge’s Game Tiles Kickstarter project seeks to bring revolutionary miniature terrain to everyone in the tabletop gaming world.”

I’ve been collecting Dwarven Forge terrain for awhile now. I have two Cavern Sets, 3 Ogre Dens, 2 Room & Passage sets, 2 Classic Dungeon Room sets, 1 Fantasy Floor set, 1 Wicked Editions set, 1 Wicked Editions #2 set, 1 Narrow Passage set, 2 Octagonal Room sets and 1 Sci-Fi Alpha Expansion set. I also ordered four sets of the six piece 6″ x 6″ floors.

I can make a HUGE dungeon, dude.

My only regret is that I missed out of the RotA Ruined Entrance. I thought that I was getting it for Christmas, and I did not. By the time I went to order it … it was gone. Sold out forever! Boooooo! Oh well.

So I was very excited when I heard Dwarven Forge was going to do a Kickstarter. My only worry was that they would try to go the route of using the “sturdy cardboard” construction sets that have recently become popular with certain miniature games. I was really hoping that they would NOT do that because I like the quality of the pieces I own. Here are a few examples:

Dungeoneering WARMACHINE

The Zombies were a challenge for all of the Heroes despite their amazing Sentinel rules.

So when the Game Tiles Kickstarter went live, I was excited to see that it was not “sturdy cardboard” but instead a new material that was less expensive. As a bonus, the stuff is super tough and doesn’t easily break or scratch. That good because I have a 13 month old who will want to “help” Daddy play Dungeons & Dragons with his plush d20.

Anyway, I talked with my wife and we decided to back the Kickstarter. I suggested that we jump in at $120 in order to get all the cool extras. To my delight, my wife suggested the $260 mark which gives us Five Sets of Game Tiles plus any bonus extras. Awesome!


A Game Tiles set comes complete with these 34 pieces:

  • 14x Straight Wall*
  • 12x Floor*
  • 6x Corner Wall*
  • 2x Swinging Door

        *has a 2” x 2” footprint


From the Kickstarter page: “Because the pieces are modular in design they can be re-arranged in countless ways to form many interesting encounter areas.  All the pieces have a 2” x 2” footprint, so the wall pieces can be placed in the interior of set-ups to form smaller rooms or alcoves. With multiple sets, collectors can lay out big and exciting dungeons complete with rooms and passageways.”

Check it out for yourself, I know you’ll like what you see.



Dwarven Forge Elven Set
Elven Set Teaser

Dwarven Forge has released a sneak peek of their upcoming Elven Set with this small teaser. Click on the image to see the picture on their website.


Dwarven Forge Caverns Review (via Sly Flourish)

I own two of these Cavern, and I agree that they are awesome. Dwarven Forge makes some amazing stuff.

Every time I open a new box of Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles I am always surprised how much I love them. All concerns about the price, all concerns about the "investment", all concerns that my money would have been better spent elsewhere disappear when I start to lay them out, build some rooms, and imagine the encounters I will run within them. After using the cavern sets for a couple of months now I can say without doubt that the Dwarven Forge cav … Read More

via Sly Flourish


I was messing around with my Dwarven Forge stuff and decided to snap a couple of shots of my zombies. These are mainly Games Workshop zombies. The shambling horde arises from the darkness of the dungeon and begins their endless search for human flesh.




After doing some re-reading of past No Quarter magazines, I decided that I’d like to create an Orgoth dungeon using my Dwarven Forge stuff.


Depending on what sets you have in your collection, setting up Dwarven Forge for use in a game of WARMACHINE can be as simple as trying to create wide rooms and double sized hallways. There will be narrow sections where only small based models will be able to enter, but that’s okay. Just discuss it ahead of time with whomever you’re playing with and make sure you’re both on the same page as to entryways and which size model can fit where in the game.


Besides, if a Warcaster was going to be going down, down into Goblin Town would he or she really want to take Heavy ‘jacks? Not unless you’re a Rhulic Warcaster.

Driller #2 - Ready for Action
Driller #2 – Ready for Action

Personally, I have the following sets: Cavern Set, Cavern Passage Set, Two Fantasy Room sets, a Narrow Passage Set, an Advanced Builder set, the Wicked Additions #1 and #2 sets, a Room and Passage set, two Ogre Den’s, a Sci-Fi Alpha Expansion set, and 12 of the 6″ x 6″ Square Floor sections. So I have a lot of different options for setting up and arranging the sets in such a way to create a good WARMACHINE environment. Oh, and by the way … I bought most of these sets through either Art’s Game Store or Noble Knight Games. I picked them up when they were on a 50% off clearance.


Megan and I cleared a spot and put together a layout on a 24″ by 24″ section of Battle Board. We agreed that the Pool would be considered Deep Water. The Pillars would block LOS. The Crypts were considered Impassable. And the Cracked Tile sections would be Rough Terrain. The sections of DF walls are considered to be ARM 18 with 1 Damage Capacity per inch. Walls that block Warjack entry may be destroyed to create Breaches. All normal tile and stone sections of flooring are considered Open Terrain.

Since the Orgoth are known for using vicious traps, we included those too. Pit falls, acid, Hellfire, and falling boulders. We each got three trap tokens that we could use at any time to trigger a trap. When the trap is triggered, the Dwarven Forge piece is replaced by the trap piece, and then the opposing player rolls a Trap Check. On a roll of 1-3 the trap works. On a roll of 4-6 it does not. This part was pretty fun, and added a bit of fun to the game.

Break out of the normal, and try something different today.

Click Here.

Mines of Moria II

On June 15th, I mentioned the game of WARMACHINE that my wife and I played using a Dwarven Forge set up. I wanted to include the ending of this game.

So anyway, Magnus and his battlegroup set up at the entrance to the mine, and Caine and his crew deployed at the opposite end of the table.

Magnus and his boys got to go first, and Boomhowler led the way. The Gun Mages moved to intervene with the Trollkin, and this resulted in a big shoot out where the Gun Mages were scoring a lot of hits but the enemy was making decent tough rolls. It wasn’t long before a bunch of blue Warjacks were crashing into the Trollkin and beating them down. The entire battle last for 5 rounds. In the end, Magnus managed to score a minor victory in grabbing the objective and making it about half way back to the escape point which would have won him the game. However, Caine’s onslaught of ranged attacks ended up taking Magnus out in the end. A combination of a well placed boosted blast from the Defender and a few excellent dice rolls during Caine’s feat turn was enough to win Cygnar the day.

In this picture above, Caine is moving into position to make an assassination against Magnus. Magnus already has captured the objective and is trying to flee to the escape point where he started. In the picture above, you can see Caine has positioned himself with the Gun Mages to block LOS. Magnus is at the top left of the picture, fighting it out with a Gun Mage Captain Adept. The GMCA didn’t last very long in combat, but after he was taken out, the ranged attack onslaught began.

It was a good game.


Coming soon! Stay tuned…  I’ll be setting up another Dwarven Forge table for a fun game of WARMACHINE.


This set is an expansion to the classic Master Maze dungeon line, and Dwarven Forge is very pleased with the versatility and usefulness of this set.  Many of the pieces have been cleverly designed so that bits of the walls (and floor) can be removed to make the standard-looking piece more “ruinous”.  For instance, a traditional Corner Wall Piece can be transformed into a Ruined Corner Wall just be remove part of the wall.  The cool thing is that DMs can use many of the pieces from this set as a normal piece from the Room Set, but then remove a part to add the ruined look.  This removed piece can then be placed on the floor as extra rubble to complete the ruined design.


In one play test adventure, a group of characters defended a tower that was besieged by a band of rock-hurling giants.  The DM slowly removed a part of the walls each round as the giants attacks began to take their toll on the tower’s walls.

Behold the Great Ziggurat

This terrain piece was made by dudebird. It’s made from Dwarven Forge pieces. Read more about the Ziggurat in this forum thread at for even more pictures.