“How did it happen?”

“Who knows.”

“Might have been A.I.M. or S.H.I.E.L.D. or STARK or even that rubbish that Reed was talking about with an alternate dimension crossing over with ours.”

“Who cares.”

“The point is that the Zombies-”

“Don’t call them that.”


“Zombies. Don’t call them that. They are Walkers.”

“Yeah, whatever. Anyway, the point is that those Dead Things showed up and started eating everyone.”

“Yeah, that sucks.”

“Cap got wind that the Red Skull was headed out to the old ruins of a small biochemical lab in the middle of nowhere. Apparently Red Head thought he had found a cure for the Plauge of Zombies. Before we knew it, it was a full on slugfest between the New Avengers and the Sinister Six. All the while, Zombies are swarming everywhere picking up the pieces like vultures.”

“And then Batman showed up.”

“Yeah, but let’s be serious. It was Bruce Wayne. Secret Identities don’t matter now. Everyone is just trying to survive them ugly Walking Dead types.”

“At one point, Doctor Doom was facing off against The Hulk. Batman was there, too, but didn’t help Hulk. Amazingly enough, he teamed up with Metal Face.”

Hulk and Doom battle it out while Batman watches. Zombies swarm on the streets below.

“In the end, the Zombies overwhelmed the New Avengers. Spider Man and Iron Man went down first, torn to pieces by those blood thirsty fiends. Captain America – good old Steve Rodgers – made a last stand against the horde of zombies. He fought hard, but damn if the monsters didn’t chew him to bits. Thanos and Abomination didn’t blink an eye, using the heros as a distraction while they moved on towards the biochemical lab. Thanos was the only one who had no fear. He claimed that he would be Rejected By Death thanks to the powers of the Infinity Gaunlet.”

Red Skulls shouts a warning seconds before a horde of zombies rampage through the streets. Iron Man and Spidey are torn to shreds, and Captain America lasts only a few moments more. Abomination and Thanos flee towards the biochemical lab.

“In the end though, Silver Surfer ended up flying into the biochemical lab and sailing off with the tube of stuff that Red Skull was after. Who knows if the formula is really going to turn out to be something that Reed can use to cure the disease. All we can do is wait … and hope.”

“Johnny, we got to go. Let’s move.”

“Alright, Ben…..”